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Product Overview

It's your data - do what you want with it.

Knowing your users – and being able to respond to the preferences, interests and needs that are specific to them – gives any library a significant advantage in winning patron loyalty. Requirements and enticements vary from user to user as they do from library to library – no two are alike – which is why SirsiDynix provides powerful tools, for developers of all levels, to better adapt to whatever their environment may need. With the SirsiDynix Symphony® API and SirsiDynix® Web Services, your library gains full access to any and all information held within your system, and the ability to extend, manipulate, share and present that information however you see fit. Whatever the aspirations of your library, SirsiDynix provides open access to enable it.

Dig deeper with SirsiDynix API & Web Services

Symphony API

The Symphony API is the ultimate in control, providing full open access for a system administrator or developer to customize, tweak, build and explore to her heart's content.

Web Services

SirsiDynix Web Services provide similar benefits, but simplified to give library staff fast-response powers for evolving staff and user needs.

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