Physical and Digital

Even though demand for digital items is increasing, your physical collection is just as important as ever. With BLUEcloud, you can manage the transition to digital at the best pace for you, without sacrificing what your patrons expect from your physical collection.
All Your Resources, Simplified

With all your eContent vendors together in a single interface—your catalog—users can easily find what they’re looking for, whether that resource is a physical title, audiobook, or eBook. BLUEcloud apps make finding these resources easy through faceted searching, one-click downloads, and more.

Display Your Digital Assets

How can your users find your digital assets from wherever they are? Show off your library’s unique resources by highlighting sound files, PDFs, images, maps, and more in your catalog. 

Catalog it All, Easily

Whether it’s used by full-time staff or volunteers, BLUEcloud makes cataloging easy and even fun. With drag-and-drop features, batch actions, side-by-side MARC record comparison, and one-click importing, you’ll see why BLUE stands for Best Library User Experience. 

Find Everything

Today’s libraries must do more than bring patrons into the library: They must bring the library to their patrons. BLUEcloud Discovery apps target your users where they are—web, mobile, and social media—and display both physical and digital resources in your users’ search results.