SirsiDynix 2010: A Year in Review

At SirsiDynix, we have raced into 2011 in full stride. We have some exciting developments in progress this year that advance libraries and their communities. But as a recap, let me share some 2010 highlights with you.

We announced the SirsiDynix Technology Center – a location where our product development, product management, and customer support teams can work closely together to provide consistent support, accelerated product innovation, and really embrace the AGILE process. We also successfully launched the Library Relations Management (LRM) offering to every customer in the world. This is completely new in the industry! Now, each of our valued customers has a dedicated LRM assigned to them to help them optimize the way they deploy our software, to ensure we are serving them effectively, and to share with them regularly the progress SirsiDynix is making to serve them more extensibly.

A few noteworthy highlights from this past year illustrate the viability and stability of SirsiDynix as we strive to constantly improve our service to you:

  • Nearly 50 new libraries joined the SirsiDynix family of nearly 4,000 customer institutions;
  • 73 customers migrated their systems to SirsiDynix SaaS, bringing the total number of libraries hosted by our industry-leading cloud solution to more than 700;
  • 91 customers chose SirsiDynix Enterprise™ discovery to improve their users’ search experience;
  • 35 libraries improved their statistical analysis and trending report capabilities by adding Directors Station to their technology arsenal;
  • 175 customers signed long-term contracts, that average 6.2 years in length and enable libraries to achieve significant cost savings, while participating in the technology advances that SirsiDynix will offer for years to come;
  • 22 SirsiDynix customers selected Platinum Services as a way to optimize their systems throughout the year with added consulting, training and authority updates.

We are proud of the growth and progress these numbers signify, but we are only just beginning! In 2010, we completed nearly 2,400 customer projects, trained more than 17,200 customers on our systems, and offered nearly 3,000 courses on optimizing the use of our software. In fact, we launched the SirsiDynix Mentor™ learning portal to enable our customers to take advantage of the latest innovations in distance learning. Today, we offer hundreds of learning modules to help you maximize your staff’s effectiveness. Last but certainly not least, we successfully deployed the SirsiDynix customer support center – a 24x7 customer support operation which supports our global customers in five languages. Measuring early survey responses is encouraging – we averaged a 92 percent satisfaction score in 2010.

SirsiDynix Product Development had a dynamite year with 16 product releases, including the launch of the industry’s first iPhone application, SirsiDynix BookMyne™, which had been downloaded nearly 8,000  times by the end of 2010. BookMyne now serves more than 200 libraries and their patron communities.

As we accelerate our pace in 2011, we look forward to sharing with you the SirsiDynix product vision and an in-depth product roadmap of exactly how we will get there. Major technology themes such as cloud computing, mobile solutions, social elements within our discovery platform, communications, analytics, and interoperability are at the center of our focus.

We have much to look forward to and express our commitment to you in 2011!



Adam Fairbanks
Senior Social Media Developer