Perl for Beginners

Delivered reports for SirsiDynix Symphony® WorkFlows™ are written in the Perl scripting language. While it is possible to write simple custom reports for WorkFlows after taking the API Suite of classes, it is often necessary to know more about Perl in order to write reports that require formatting of data or special printing of data.

To assist customers in this, SirsiDynix now offers a Perl class as part of the API Suite of classes. For sites with a current API subscription, this class is free. Other sites with API-trained staff but no current subscription can register for the class on Mentor. The Perl class will be offered only through Mentor as a 12-hour Hands-on Lab.  This class is meant for beginning Perl students who would like to read Symphony reports and write Symphony reports. This class will be taught by SirsiDynix consultants who are not certified in Perl, but use Perl to work in Symphony daily.  Please consider this "Perl for Librarians"(!) and a good jumping off point for further Perl learning.

In the lab course, your SirsiDynix consultant will provide an overview of many fundamental Perl concepts including scalars, variables, arrays, code blocks (multiple types), command line calls, useful functions, regular expressions and hashes. There will be an exercise at the end of each day to reinforce the day’s subjects.

Pre-requisites for this class include, but are not limited to, SirsiDynix Symphony® API Fundamentals and SirsiDynix Symphony® API Tools.  Please refer to the complete list in the Mentor listing for this class, entitled "SirsiDynix Symphony Perl Workshop."

These workshops are available monthly and open for registration now if you're interested in adding Perl understanding (and all the options it opens up) to your toolkit!


Kat Stephens
Senior Consultant