The “Promoting Your Library” Initiative from SirsiDynix

By now, many of you may have heard that SirsiDynix is developing a program designed to help libraries increase awareness of their user-facing products. This would include products like BookMyne, Social Library, eResource Central and others.

Our objective for this program is simple—to increase the usage of the SirsiDynix products you implement; we are not satisfied with merely selling and implementing these products on our customer systems. We want to partner with you to make sure your user community knows these products are available, and that these products will provide them with new ways to access the library as well as new options to use your materials!

In order to accomplish this, we’re creating a number of different marketing tactics that you’ll be able to use as is, or easily modify to fit your specific branding and messaging. We want to do the “heavy lifting” of creating effective marketing tools, and make them available to you to use as you see fit.

These tools include sample Facebook posts and other activities to promote traffic to your Facebook page, poster templates that can be placed strategically throughout the library, user contests, online and offline advertisements, as well as many other social media techniques. We’re always thinking about new ways to increase the visibility of your patron-facing, social media products and generally help you reach the user audience you’re after.

Before any user will adopt a new behavior to use a new product your library provides, they need to be able to answer two important questions: 1) Can I do it? and, 2) Will it be worth it? The first question deals with ability, and the second with motivation. The marketing tools we’re developing are designed to address both of these questions, so you can answer with an affirmative “YES!” to your patrons.

The way users choose to find and access your library’s materials and services is changing rapidly. At SirsiDynix, we want to do everything we can to make sure the products you implement match the way your users want to interact with you. Together, we can make the library the FIRST option for savvy users to locate the information they desire. 


Eric Keith
VP Global Marketing, Communications & Strategic Alliances