It's an Open and Shut Case: Key Reasons to Create Your Cases in the SDSC

Of the three main methods used for creating cases: email, telephone, and online using the SirsiDynix Support Center (SDSC), one is decidedly best for almost all cases. That method is online using SDSC case management. Here are three key reasons why:

  1.  Accuracy – When you create the case in the SDSC, you explain the case in your own words, include attachments, and specify details about the case that may be lost with cases created by email or phone. Creating cases in the SDSC allows you to verify that everything is recorded accurately and completely. Having accurate, detailed information about a case helps us resolve your case faster.

  2. Efficiency – The most time consuming cases to resolve are those created by phone. The least time consuming are those created online. SDSC case creation routes your case directly to the appropriate support person so they can get to work on your case quickly. As more cases are created online, we are able to resolve them faster. Less time spent routing calls or transcribing details means more time is available to work on cases so you get solutions faster.
  3. Immediate Results – When you create a case in the SDSC, you are shown a list of possible solutions for your case. Increasingly, customers are finding that within seconds of creating a case in the SDSC, they find the solution and are able to close the case themselves. Recent refinements to the way solutions are searched has dramatically increased the relevancy of results returned.  Many times, it's an open and shut case.


Actually, all of these reasons could be summarized into one – When you create your cases in the SDSC, you are more likely to get the correct solution faster.

Some people phone cases in because it gives them confidence that they are being heard and that their case is being worked on. When you create the case in the SDSC, you can be confident that it is documented accurately and routed quickly. If you like, you can create the case in the SDSC, then call customer support and refer to the number of the case you created. In this way you'll know that we have a complete and accurate description and can begin working on your case quickly.

BE PART OF THE PROCESS – Based on previous feedback, we are implementing several exciting enhancements to SDSC case management. We invite you to create your cases using SDSC case management now so you can benefit immediately from these revisions and provide feedback to help us as we continue the refining process. Please use the SDSC Feedback button to let us know what you like about our enhanced case management tool and what you think we can do to improve it even more.

As always, for down systems or other urgent issues, especially on weekends or holidays, please call us. 


Reed Farnsworth
Knowledge Base Analyst