Service Pack 3 brings major enhancements to Symphony

We’re excited to announce the release of Service Pack 3 for Symphony 3.4.1. Service Pack 3 is a major step forward for Symphony; it comprises over 100 new features and enhancements, 15 customer-inspired enhancements, and many bug fixes. If you’ve been waiting for a feature in Symphony, there’s a good chance it’s included in this service pack. For a full list of new enhancements and features, see the release notes on the SirsiDynix Support Center. For a brief overview of some of the most notable enhancements, see the following:

e-Library PIN Reset. Users can reset PINs on their own through e-Library; library staff no longer need to handle requests to reset user PINs. You can customize the PIN reset messages and labels to fit your library’s needs.

Patron Photo improvements. Adding photos of your users is easier than ever before. The Patron Photo feature has been overhauled to include easy uploading and modification of photos from the Workflows client, a cropping and re-sizing tool, performance improvements, a batch photo import utility, and webcam support.

Delete items with fines and fees. You can delete items with outstanding fines and fees without losing track of information related to the fine, such as item title and call number. When you delete items through Workflows Wizards or the Remove Discard report, Symphony will keep the record’s information in the bill record for later reference and collection.

Batch load SMS (text message) notification numbers. Already collected SMS numbers from your users? Load them quickly into Symphony with our user load script.

10-digit OCLC number support. Symphony supports the upcoming OCLC control number expansion. Manual entry, matching, and loading processes are all ready for the new, longer control numbers.

Limited vocabulary right-click menus

New RDA Support. Describe your records accurately and conform to the RDA cataloging standard. Service Pack 3 and the MARCUpdate script let you right-click on 33X MARC elements to see the appropriate controlled vocabulary terms; Service Pack 3 updates the way Symphony determines and displays publication dates to match the RDA standard.

11 Enhancement Forum items. We appreciate the suggestions you give us in the Enhancement forum, and we’re excited to announce that 11 of them made it into this service pack. Thanks for helping us improve Symphony! Enhancement Forum items in this service pack include the following:

  • Item categories 3, 4, and 5
  • adu report improvements on Windows, allowing services to remain up during report runs
  • Alerts at check-in for “Claims returned” materials
  • Customizable subject lines in user notification email

Service Pack 3 is included in the price of your Symphony maintenance. All libraries running Symphony 3.4.1 can install Service Pack 3; contact SirsiDynix Customer Support if you need help with installation.


Ben Siler
Senior Marcom Specialist