Horizon 7.5.2 Service Pack 1, HIP 3.23, and HWS 1.4 deliver staff-focused features

We’re pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 1 for Horizon 7.5.2. Service Pack 1 features enhancements and fixes our Horizon libraries have identified as especially important; each enhancement or fix was designed to make work easier for Horizon library staff (we know that many of you will be especially excited about the HIP PIN Reset). We'd like to thank each of the librarians and library staff members who contributed their insights and experience to this release.

For a full list of enhancements and fixes, see the Horizon 7.5.2 Service Pack 1 release notes in the SirsiDynix Support Center. For an overview of some of the most notable enhancements, see below:

  • Spanish support in Horizon client installer – The Horizon client installer now includes Spanish as an install language. This enhancement allows libraries to set up Spanish language versions of the Horizon client without performing technical customizations of language files.
  • Canadian French translation updates – The Canadian French translations throughout Horizon have been updated with feedback from Horizon libraries in Canada.
  • PIN Reset feature for HIP –  Libraries can allow library users to reset their PINs through HIP. This feature is available for each library profile, and libraries can specify different PIN reset email templates based on profile and locale. In addition, the text for buttons and messages associated with this feature can be customized through interface variables. 
  • Generating hold notices – Horizon now checks the hold notice type when a requested item is checked in. If the library user who placed the hold has changed his or her preferred notification method since the request was created, the hold notice type is updated to reflect this change.
  • SMS product fixes – Several issues related to generating SMS text message notices and editing patron SMS phone numbers have been resolved.
  • Deleting patron records with blocks – Previous to Horizon 7.5.2, libraries could delete patron records as long as the patrons did not have a “claims returned”, “lost block”, or “amount owed” tag attached to their records. A change was made in part of Horizon that made it impossible to delete a patron record if that record had any blocks at all. This has been fixed so that deleting a patron record works as it did previously.

In conjunction with Service Pack 1 for Horizon 7.5.2, we’re releasing Horizon Web Services 1.4. This version of Horizon Web Services contains enhancements and updates designed to support the new features in Service Pack 1. See the Horizon Web Services 1.4 release notes or the updated Horizon Web Services Reference Guide on the SirsiDynix Support Portal for more info, or see the summary of new features below:

  • PIN Reset – Horizon Web Services includes new web services, allowing external clients to generate and service PIN reset requests from library users.
  • Due Date for itemInfo – The ItemInfo response includes the due date and time for a checked out item. Sometimes, however, due time values are not supplied. When a due time value is not supplied, the itemInfo response will include 23:59:59 as the default due time to indicate the item is due by the end of the due date.

Horizon Web Services 1.4 can be installed on any system running HIP 3.23 and Horizon 7.5.2 Service Pack 1 or later.


Ben Siler
Senior Marcom Specialist