Authority Processing and Updates

It takes a lot of work to create, edit, and maintain library records. We understand how busy your jobs can be as a cataloger, so we’re constantly striving to find solutions to make your life easier.  Authority processing and authority update services keep your catalog current, leaving you time to focus on those projects that need to be completed by yesterday.

Authority Processing:
The U.S. Library of Congress recently updated nearly 375,000 name authority records during an automated update, and continues to manually change additional records. SirsiDynix can provide you with the most up-to-date versions of these authority records. All you have to do is ensure that authority record linking is turned on in your system. This option can be turned on prior to processing!

Authority Processing services clean up many structural and internal problems in your bibliographic database, match bibliographic heading fields to available authority records, and provide the matching authority records with cross references and scope notes to enhance your catalog. Existing authority records will be updated, and your database will be updated with the RDA services mentioned in the previous blog.

Authority Update Service:
Authority records are continually changing. The U.S. Library of Congress releases an average of 45,000 new or updated authority records each month. SirsiDynix receives new and updated authority records from the Library of Congress each week. We compare these records with information about your existing database, and mark any authority records which you need. Based on the frequency you select (weekly, monthly, or quarterly), we extract information from your system reflecting new headings you have added.

“We use it and I love it.  SirsiDynix just comes in quietly and does the work and we don’t have to do a thing except pay the bill,” said a chief librarian in the southern New Jersey area. “We have it done quarterly and it keeps our records up to date without much effort on our part.”

The Authority Update Service runs in the background on your system; you don’t have to stop any of your normal activities. The entire process is integrated into your SirsiDynix system so that updates happen automatically. No information about users, circulation, or acquisitions is ever included in these updates—only information in your bibliographic and authority records. You simply receive an email at the end of the process telling you that it is compete and a separate detailed report will provide a full list of the authority records affected.

The SirsiDynix Advantage:
These services have been designed to integrate directly with your SirsiDynix ILS system. SirsiDynix staff will perform any needed data extraction, FTP, or reload, saving you the time and effort of performing these tasks and ensuring that they are done correctly and efficiently. SirsiDynix will review your system’s policies and configuration options to verify compatibility. And all of this is included at no extra cost with each service.


Whitney Miller
Associate Marketing Coordinator