"Open sesame!" Find treasures of golden APIs and a wealth of web services!

APIs, Web Services, SIP, NCIP, Z39.50, SQL, Widgets, EDI, and Vendor Information Protocol (VIP). These are just some of the integration protocols and technologies that SirsiDynix has used for decades to expose our systems and data to libraries and third party companies.

These technologies allow for interoperability between heterogeneous systems, making our products open to other technologies. In fact, APIs and Web Services are fundamental to our BLUEcloud and ILS architecture.  We write our APIs not only for our customers, but also for use in our own product development. In tech industry terms, we eat our own dog food (we use the same APIs we give customers to run our own products)!

Both Symphony and Horizon have been wide open since their inception. Our Horizon ILS can easily create custom views into the database using its own client, which our customers love and admire. Our Symphony ILS can take API transactions in the background and mimic actual online activity.

With last week’s release of Web Services 4.0, we added additional circulation services that enable our libraries and 3rd party vendors to utilize, customize, and build their own applications or scripts. In addition, libraries can enhance their workflows and web pages. Libraries can request data in real time and transform it to whatever format is needed, customizing services and their user experience. Services like MyAccount, MyBookShelf, Availability, Holds Requests, Demand-Driven Acquisitions requests, and others can all be accessed with our service calls and APIs.

To give you a small example of what’s possible through our Web Services, we’ve built or seen apps designed for searching the catalog, managing holds, user registration, creation and editing, authentication, record payments, check in/out, single sign-on, inventory, marking items missing, offline transactions, de-selection, and hundreds and hundreds more! The opportunities are only bounded by your imagination. Check out our Web Services SDK on our Customer Support Site to see for yourself what you can do.

One true sign of an open system is the existence of a developer community. Our developer community, a strong group of creative customer library staff, started a code repository for their solutions back in 2002. Eleven years later, the submissions continue to grow, and our libraries benefit from scripts that save them time and resources. Hundreds of entries have been stored and downloaded, proving the openness of the SirsiDynix systems and the creativity of our community. Libraries around the world visit the SirsiDynix Developer Community regularly to download solutions and contribute their own.

The libraries in the SirsiDynix developer community become more effective as they find ways to customize their SirsiDynix products. More importantly, however, they also feel a sense of community as they share and collaborate. To further this relationship, an annual Day of Coding is held at our COSUGI user group. The Day of Coding encourages innovation and real-life collaboration between SirsiDynix customer libraries.

We would also like to encourage our current and future vendor partners to take advantage of our Software Development Kit (SDK). Our certification program will ensure that vendors’ 3rd party software is compatible with ours. To be certified, this software must be tested on the current versions of our ILSs. Once a vendor’s software is certified, the vendor enjoys a number of benefits from the partnership, including promotion of the product solutions, advance notification of latest developments and new products, access to a server for initial and year-round testing, and much more! Our SIP/NCIP partnerships are growing in number, together with our integration with world-class content providers for eResource Central. We have a number of book jobbers that are taking advantage of our VIP protocol. We value these partnerships from around the globe, and we invite others to examine what SirsiDynix has to offer.

The Open Architecture of the SirsiDynix products benefit our customers, our partners, and SirsiDynix. We continue to expand our APIs and Web Services platform for both Symphony and Horizon to fully support our BLUEcloud environment and suite of applications. Our extensive Web Services and APIs are vital to our effort to transfer all new and existing functionality into the cloud, and we’ll make sure all our APIs are available to you. Our goal has always been and will continue to be the exposure of our system and our data, and we’ll continue that goal as we move toward support for linked data, FRBR, and the new BibFrame model into our BLUEcloud!

So join us and Ali Baba as we continue to chant “Open Sesame!” You’ll find a wealth of treasure in the open solutions that SirsiDynix offers the world of libraries!


Ranny Lacanienta
Director of Product Strategy