SirsiDynix employees in China

The 2013 Chinese User Conference was organized in conjunction with the China Library Exhibition. Zichun Liu, one of our library relation managers, writes of her experience at the last conference in the following post:

We had a sensational show in Shanghai’s fastest growing district, Pudong. It was our most successful event in China to date. It attracted huge attention from customers, the public, and local and central government leaders.

This year’s conference attracted over 100 delegates, which is an unprecedented number for this customer base. Here are a few of the event’s highlights.

Mr. Yang Zhijin, the Deputy Minister of Culture, visited the SirsiDynix booth. The Pudong District officials, led by the Deputy Mayor Ms. Xie also paid us a visit afterwards.

CNTV, China’s CNN, broadcasted a 30-minute interview with Rick Branham and Jie Yu, an expert from a local online media giant. Rick discussed SirsiDynix’s theory of bringing back audiences back to the library. Mr. Yu pointed out that audiences attracted by online media are not necessarily a bad thing for libraries or ILS vendors. Rather, it creates an opportunity for the two parties to work together to provide audiences with the finest services and cutting-edge technologies.

Ms. Nie Hua, the Deputy Director of Beijing University, provided great help in organizing and coordinating the user conference. She chaired the meeting and played an important role in the success of the conference.

Mr. Zhang Wei, Director of Pudong Public Library, performed the opening speech. His scholarly style made his speech highly expressive and influential. We thank him for his hospitality and strong support.

The conference was organized with an emphasis on a balanced program. The sales, implementation and technical support teams worked together to achieve what was best for the customers. As the above photo shows, Rick and David had a great time.

Mr. Jeff Byrd delivered his session remotely to Chinese customers.  Tony Wang is translating. Jeff’s presentation was very well received.

Rick conducted a tireless campaign on BLUEcloud and Discovery for Chinese customers.

Our happy customers and staff posed in front of the Pudong Library building.

Our long-term customer and supporter, Tianjin Consortium, sent a delegation of 22 librarians from 16 universities.

The time finally came for some relaxation. After many tireless days, Zichun and Jue, the main organizers of the China User Conference, were happy to join the group visiting an ancient town near Shanghai City. Tony Wang and customers from Peking University and Renmin University are also pictured.


Whitney Miller
Associate Marketing Coordinator