Get BookMyne 4 for Android on Google Play

BookMyne 4 for Android is available in the Google Play Store! BookMyne is the easiest way for your users to access your library on their phones and tablets, and version 4 gives your library users a stable, consistent experience across Android devices.

BookMyne 4 is included in your library’s Horizon or Symphony maintenance payments. If your library currently uses BookMyne, BookMyne 4 won’t require any additional setup. If you need to set up BookMyne or make changes to your configurations, you need to contact SirsiDynix Customer Support to set up a Universal Admin account.

New features in BookMyne 4

  • Support for Android 2.3.5 and above: BookMyne 4 for Android supports every Android version above 2.3.5 (more than 98% of all devices used to access the Google Play store).
  • Responsive design: BookMyne 4 automatically adapts to different screen sizes, so it works just as well on tablets as it does on phones. In addition, BookMyne’s interface has been redesigned to make it easier to for library users to find what they need (and easier for you to support the app).
  • Modern architecture for frequent updates: BookMyne 4 was redesigned with flexible HTML5 and modern web technologies to make sure your library gets updates frequently.
  • Easy setup and management: BookMyne 4 takes advantage of the new Universal Admin to make setup and management easy, even for large consortia.
  • More supported languages: BookMyne 4 supports English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and Swedish.

BookMyne 4 setup

If your library uses BookMyne, BookMyne 4 won’t require any additional setup. If you’re not using BookMyne and would like to start, please contact SirsiDynix Customer Support. In addition, please let us know if you have any questions or see any issues!

About BookMyne

BookMyne integrates natively with Horizon and Symphony. Since it doesn’t require screenscraping or data extracts, users see accurate, up-to-date information. Best of all, BookMyne is included in your library’s current Horizion or Symphony maintenance.

BookMyne 4 is currently available for Android devices. An iOS version of BookMyne 4 will be released soon, with an update to BookMyne+ for iOS and Android scheduled for the end of this year.


Ben Siler
Senior Marcom Specialist