COSUGI Opening Session Recap

It’s the first day of COSUGI 2014! COSUGI, which is our biggest user conference, gives SirsiDynix customers a chance to see the latest in library technology, learn from other libraries, and network with their peers.

If you’re at this year’s COSUGI in Detroit, please stop by the SirsiDynix booth and say hi! If you couldn’t make it this year, take a look at the bullets below for some of the highlights:

  • BLUEcloud is now: More and more libraries are using BLUEcloud products, and we heard library staff using eRC, MobileCirc, Analtyics, and BC Cataloging talk about those products in their own words. We’ll post their customer experience videos on this blog in the so you can hear their take on our products (look for the first video this afternoon).
  • BLUEcloud Cataloging has arrived: BLUEcloud is here! BC Cataloging, the first of our BLUEcloud web clients, is in pilot with select Horizon and Symphony libraries. The rest of you will see it soon: each of our Horizon and Symphony libraries will get BC Cataloging as part of their maintenance. Stay tuned for our BC Cataloging customer experience video to hear more.
  • BLUEcloud Campus is coming: BLUEcloud Campus is a unique collaboration between SirsiDynix and EBSCO, designed specifically for academic and school libraries. BC Campus will be a Library Services Platform (LSP) that’s purpose-built for learning, jointly developed by SirsiDynix and EBSCO engineers. BC Campus will give academic and school libraries native access to EBSCO content, robust eResource management, and integration with learning management systems and other education-oriented software. Look for more details about BC Campus soon!
  • BLUEcloud MARC is coming: BLUEcloud MARC gives Horizon and Symphony libraries access to more than 20 million MARC records for copy cataloging, and it’s included in your ILS maintenance. We’ll add more records to BC MARC in future versions. Libraries can access BC MARC through the BC Cataloging client.
  • BLUEcloud Rewards is here: Libraries around the world have used their BC Rewards credits to purchase the software and services they’ve always wanted. Talk to your sales rep today if you still have a reward credit you could use on Analytics, Enterprise, eRC, MobileCirc, or another great product or service.
  • Community Funded Services are here: Libraries are using Buy It Now, BLUEcloud Commerce, and other Community Funded Services to augment their funding while making life more convenient for their library users. Lots of libraries received money from SirsiDynix during today’s session.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds (as well as this blog) for more COSUGI announcements, as well as exciting videos (look for the first video this afternoon).


Ben Siler
Senior Marcom Specialist