SirsiDynix 2014: A Year in Review

As 2014 draws to a close, there are many accomplishments to be proud of at SirsiDynix, from a growing community of SirsiDynix libraries to new BLUEcloud product releases. One of our main priorities continues to be making our BLUEcloud products the best fit for you. Take a look at some of the milestones below to see the major accomplishments from the past year.

BLUEcloud Product Releases

2014 saw the release of many highly-anticipated products, including the following highlights.

  • BLUEcloud Cataloging: Based on the feedback from 27 pilot sites, BLUEcloud Cataloging was made available to all customers in November. BC Cataloging is designed to make cataloging even easier with a clean, modern UI, drag & drop functionality, and all accessible through a browser via the cloud. It also works in parallel with Symphony or Horizon, so you choose which cataloging tool works better for you.  Check out the Downloads and Upgrades page on SirsiDynix Support Center to determine of BLUEcloud Cataloging is right for you.
  • BLUEcloud Analytics: Allowing libraries to extract data from their ILS, combine data into robust reports, and ultimately display this data to staff, stakeholders, and decision makers, BLUEcloud Analytics gives libraries the analytical power they need. Again, all interested libraries should check the Downloads and Upgrades page on SDSC to determine of BLUEcloud Analytics is the right product for them.
  • BLUEcloud Campus: In June SirsiDynix announced BLUEcloud Campus LSP which will specifically serve academic and research libraries. Libraries looking for a comprehensive and seamless integration of both physical and digital content, as well as the best-of-breed components of SirsiDynix and EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO), will be able to take advantage of BLUEcloud Campus once it is available. Click here for the full announcement.
  • Universal Admin 2014.1-2014.10. SirsiDynix made multiple updates to Universal Admin throughout the year to keep up with the numerous updates occurring within the BLUEcloud suite of products, from MobileCirc to BLUEcloud Analytics, and every product in between. Take a look at Universal Admin 2014.10’s release notes on SDSC for the most recent updates.
  • Symphony 3.4.1 SP 5: We drew from the insight and feedback of multiple beta partners to bring customer enhancements and updates to Symphony. Other user-inspired features include email checkout receipt features, BLUEcloud staff ID support, and enhanced security for the “bookmark this page” feature in e-Library.
  • Horizon 7.5.2 SP2: Service Pack 2 brought new features, requested enhancements, and product fixes to Horizon including heightened support for BLUEcloud applications and more streamlined processes within SMS features and renewal fees. We drew from our customers’ suggestions for many of these fixes.
  • Enterprise/Portfolio 4.3 GA7: Thanks again to our beta partners to create multiple customer enhancements and bug fixes to Enterprise and Portfolio, including quick search buttons, expansion of facets, speed improvements to My Account, and more than 45 bug fixes.

Check out the SirsiDynix Support Center (SDSC) to find out more information about these exciting milestones, as well as other major accomplishments from the past year.

Customer Service

SDSC was chosen as one of 2014’s top ten support sites by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP). The first library technology company to ever make the list, SirsiDynix joined the ranks companies such as Cisco, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. A full announcement can be found here.

Community Funded Services

Following the release of Buy It Now in 2013, SirsiDynix’s Community Funded Services grew with the introductions of BLUEcloud Commerce and the I Love My Library Card. Buy It Now also saw increased availability for HIP and e-Library users.

BLUEcloud Commerce. Enabling libraries to accept credit and debit card payments online, at the desk, and on-the-go, BLUEcloud Commerce tracks all financial transactions within Horizon or Symphony and provides additional reports for financial auditing.

I Love My Library Card. Created as a financial tool for the underbanked members of a library’s community, the I Love My Library Card is an opt-in service which allows patrons to use their library cards as a prepaid debit card. New Frederick County Public Library is just one of the libraries that has taken advantage of the card this past year. Discover more about the I Love My Library Card here.

All three of these Community Funded Services heighten patrons’ financial abilities while also generating funds for participating libraries.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team trained over 3,400 people on SirsiDynix software and completed over 2,000 projects in the past year alone. Two of this year’s biggest projects include the SAPLN implementation of 80 ILS systems, 160 library branches, and 4 million items, as well as the Northern Ireland implementation of 140 branches and 2 million items.


We were thrilled to launch our new website in early September, where you can now find constant updates on SirsiDynix news, product updates, and upcoming events with more ease than ever. Our blog posts and webinars have also taken a new direction, in which we discuss the latest industry trends from must-have library director skills to the importance of protecting patrons’ privacy.


The SirsiDynix community continued to grow in 2014 with not only a successful integration of EOS International, but also through 110 combined new customers—60 from SirsiDynix and 50 from EOS. We’re excited to further our relationships with these libraries as we create technology solutions for what librarians do best: inspire their communities.

Looking forward to 2015

As we transition into another successful year, our goal remains strong: inspiring libraries and the communities they serve through state-of-the-art library software. We’ll keep you updated on future product releases, internal improvements, and customer support as this new year unfolds.

Thanks for being a part of SirsiDynix; we’re looking forward to another successful year!


Liz Van Halsema
Marketing Content Writer