6 COSUGI Presentations You Won't Want to Miss

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COSUGI is the best way to learn what SirsiDynix is working on and network with other librarians. If you want BLUEcloud updates and fresh ideas for your library, you won’t want to miss these COSUGI presentations.

Bike Lending Made Easy Using the Library System

Andy Gulati, Systems Librarian, Franklin & Marshall College

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Looking for creative ways to help your community? So was Franklin & Marshall College. To encourage sustainable transportation, F&M created a free bike loan program for its students, using Symphony to catalog and circulate the bikes.

Systems library Andy Gulati will discuss how F&M established the program, spread the word, and maintained their inventory over two semesters. Use this session to get advice about innovative library programs, and go home with new ideas for your community.

BLUEcloud Analytics: It’s All about the Bass and the Treble

Nate Berrett, Product Manager, SirsiDynix

With a tool as powerful and flexible as BLUEcloud Analytics, where do you start? SirsiDynix’s Nate Berrett will walk you through the basics of BLUEcloud Analytics so you can feel confident creating your own reports.

By the time you leave this session, you’ll know how to:

  • Choose the right categories and metrics to report on
  • Transform virtually any data into visualizations and dashboards
  • Drill down into a narrower data sample

As an added bonus, you’ll learn more about the newest dataset in BLUEcloud Analytics and what it means for your library.

Just Another Day in the Lab

Sean Farrell, Assistant Director, Library of Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County

Many public libraries play multiple roles in their communities, including the Library of Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County. This library maintains three public computing labs, each with different goals and various operating systems.

Assistant Director Sean Farrell will talk about the free and commercial tools they used to control their lab machines. During the session, libraries can share their own experiences for managing their various roles and technology. How have you gotten more organized?

BLUEcloud Acquisitions and Marketplace: Taking Collection Development to New Heights

Mike Hilmo, Product Manager, SirsiDynix

Developing BLUEcloud Acquisitions is one of our top priorities, and after this presentation, we think you’ll understand why. Mike Hilmo, product manager at SirsiDynix, will show you how BLUEcloud’s APIs will bring your entire acquisitions process together in one place.

Find out how you can bypass vendor ordering interfaces entirely, switch nimbly between centralized and decentralized acquisitions, and improve your library system’s buying power.

The New Hennepin County Library Catalog

Phil Feilmeyer, Integrated Library System Manager, Hennepin County Library

What does it take to build a library catalog? Get a library’s perspective on software development. With 6 developers and 18 months, Hennepin County Library created their OPAC from scratch, and Phil Feilmeyer will be at COSUGI to share their experience.

From setting up back-end technology to designing OPAC features and integrating third-party content, see all the work that goes into making a catalog. You’ll learn more about your own OPAC in the process—and you’ll probably be glad you didn’t have to build it!

BLUEcloud Campus: From Lists to ERMs, Discovery and Beyond, We’ve Got You Covered

Rick Branham, VP of Global Accounts and Academic Initiatives, SirsiDynix; Carla Clark, Product Manager, SirsiDynix

Take a step back to see the full BLUEcloud experience. Even if you don’t work in an academic library, you can still get excited about the upcoming BLUEcloud Lists and BLUEcloud eRM, as well as Enterprise’s robust integration with EBSCO Discovery Service. Learn from SirsiDynix’s Rick Branham and Carla Clark how these products and more will work together to give you the Best Library User Experience in the cloud.

Interested in any of these presentations? Register for COSUGI 2015 today, and join us in Portland starting on March 30. We hope to see you there.





Nyssa Silvester
Associate Marketing Writer