The Librarians' Guide to SirsiDynix 2016 Webinars

We have big plans for webinars this year at SirsiDynix. With six different series coming your way, we wanted to give you a heads up on what you can expect. Some series, like the Library Professional series will be a continuation of our popular 2015 series, while others, like the Campus Tour, are completely new. Check out the list below to learn what’s new and when it’s coming up.

Please note that the dates and times listed below are subject to change. See the webinar registration page for the confirmed scheduling.

Library Professionals series

The Library Professionals series is a series of monthly webinars that explore hot topics in librarianship, common or new issues libraries face, and information industry concerns.

All sessions are broadcast at 1:00pm EST/10:00am PST.

Date Title Speaker
April 6 How to Lead Your Library, Part 1: Finances James Matarazzo & Toby Pearlstein
June 1 How to Lead Your Library, Part 2: Organizational Politics James Matarazzo & Toby Pearlstein
July 13 How to Lead Your Library, Part 3: Evaluation James Matarazzo & Toby Pearlstein
August 23 The Inspired Team: How to Create a Motivating Workplace and Encourage Your Employees Adrian Gostick
September 28 Ethics in Librarianship Sarah Houghton
October 5 Shaping and Organization Responsive to Change David Lee King
November 16 Marketing on a Shoestring Heather Nicholson
December 7 Ahead of the Curve: A Conversation with Marshall Breeding Marshall Breeding

Campus Tour

The Campus Tour is a series of 7 webinars that explore BLUEcloud Campus, a new library service platform from SirsiDynix. Catered specifically to academic libraries, these webinars familiarize you with BLUEcloud Campus and how it can make a difference for your students, faculty, and library staff. The tour is designed to give a sense of each of the tools available, their features, and how you can put them to use in your library.

All sessions are broadcast at 1:00pm EST/10:00am PST.

March 24 BLUEcloud Campus Overview: Your Campus Orientation, Part 1 Rick Branham
April 14 BLUEcloud Campus Overview: Your Campus Orientation, Part 2 Rick Branham
May 12 BLUEcloud Campus Discovery, Part 1 Rick Branham
June 15 BLUEcloud Campus Discovery, Part 2 Ranny Lacanienta
July 28 BLUEcloud eRM Rick Branham
August 18 Campus Connection Rick Branham
September 15 BLUEcloud Lists Rick Branham
October 13 BLUEcloud ILL Rick Branham

Horizon Ninja

The Horizon Ninja series is a series of ten webinars led by, Ken Bonney. In this series, Ken teaches tips for getting the most out of your Horizon system. Attend all ten sessions, live or on-demand, to earn a Horizon Ninja Certificate.

All sessions are taught at 4:00pm EST/1:00pm PST.

March 1 Damaged Books
March 29 Serial Check-in
April 12 Lost vs. Claimed Return
May 17 PAC Flavors: Restrictions
June 21 Item Group Editor
August 2 Cataloging Work Forms
September 6 Email Search
October 18 PAC Flavors: Search Order
November 22 EDI Ordering
December 20 Z39.50

Symphony Ninja

Like the Horizon Ninja series, the Symphony Ninja series is a series of ten webinars led by Symphony experts. These webinars teach tips for getting the most out of your Symphony system. Attend all ten sessions, live or on-demand, to earn a Symphony Ninja Certificate.

March 3 Searching Tips in Symphony  
April 7 Properties in Symphony Katie Lusk
May 5 Circulation Sets in Symphony Alex Haig
June 2 Display Holds in Symphony Katie Lusk
July 7 Add Ordered Items to Catalog Katie Lusk
August 11 Item Group Editor in Symphony Alex Haig
September 1 Original Cataloging in Symphony Alex Haig
October 6 Configure Z39.50 in Symphony Katie Lusk
November 3 Notice Reports Alex Haig
December 1 Edit Bibliographic Records Globally Alex Haig

Product Overviews

Product webinars demonstrate individual SirsiDynix products. Presented by experienced Product Specialists, these webinars will familiarize you with the full range of SirsiDynix software. Learn more about what SirsiDynix offers and how you can take advantage of each effective tool. This series occurs twice every month.  

All sessions are broadcast at 1:00pm EST/10:00am PST.

February 25 eResoruce Central Treg Wilder
March 10 BLUEcloud Lists Overview Carla Clark
April 20 BLUEcloud Visibility: Continually Increasing you Catalog's Relevance Roslyn Dean
May 3 SaaS Overview Brett Hall
May 18 Enterprise Overview Treg Wilder
June 9 eRM Overview Adam Viator
June 14 MobileCirc Overview Treg Wilder
July 19 BLUEcloud Commerce Overview Justin Swain
July 20 BLUEcloud Visibility Overview Treg Wilder
August 3 BLUEcloud Analytics Overview Nate Berrett
August 16 eResource Central Overview Treg Wilder
September 8 SaaS Overview Chris Harris
September 27 BLUEcloud ILL/Relais Overview Andrea Downing
October 4 eResource Management Overview Adam Viator
October 11 Enterprise Overview Roslyn Dean
November 1 MobileCirc Overview Andrea Downing
December 15 BLUEcloud Analytics Overview Adam Viator

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks webinars cover a variety of topics to make sure you're getting the most out of your library's software. Taught by our experienced trainers on a monthly basis, you'll learn new tips, tricks, and advice for running your SirsiDynix software at its best. This series occurs less frequently, with a session roughly every-other month. We do, however, offer two sessions of each webinar, in order to better fit your schedule.

Morning sessions are broadcast at 10:00am EST/7:00am PST. Afternoon sessions are 6:00pm EST/3:00pm PST, except where otherwise noted*.

March 22 *PM– 4:30pm EST/1:30pm PST Introduction to Mentor 2.0 Rebecca Muller - PM
May 11 Merge and Replace Rules in BLUEcloud Cataloging Felipe Portus -  AM
Lindsey Floyd - PM
June 8 Introduction to Mentor 2.0 Rebecca Muller
July 12 Working with Groups in BLUEcloud Analytics Felipe Portus - AM
Lindsey Floyd – PM
August 11 Tips & Tricks Special Edition: Google Analytics Justin Swain
September 14 Making OCLC Searchable via SmartSearch in BLUEcloud Cataloging Katie Lusk - AM
Lindsey Floyd – PM
November 9 KIOSK Mode for MobileCirc Alex Haig - AM
Rebecca Chile – PM
December 14 Requests in Enterprise Felipe Portus - AM
Rebecca Chile - PM

Don’t forget to check back. We’ll update this post as we schedule for the rest of 2016.


Anna Christiansen
Associate Marketing Writer