Who We Are

We’re AWESOME and we know it.

Why’s the guy in the picture wearing a creepy hood and mask? It doesn’t matter. He’s just being awesome.

Unlock your awesomeness, whatever it happens to be. Have you built a gaming rig that could crush any off-the-shelf box? Do you listen to 80s rock at dangerously high volumes before dominating a sales presentation? Do you wake up, knock out a five-mile run, and get three kids ready for school, all before 8 am?

We’re not here to tell you what awesomeness is, just that we fully support it. Here’s why we think we’re awesome:

Work/Life Balance

We understand that employees have lives outside of the office. We seek to provide the best work experience possible, and part of that is a serious commitment to keeping work from interfering with life. Spend time with your family and friends. Attend classes. Teach, volunteer, and do whatever else you love. When important events arise, our managers go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of their team.

The Employee Experience

We’re committed to providing the best possible library software, and we believe that’s closely connected to providing the best possible employee work experience. Whether you are treated to birthday lunch with the CEO, have a quick game of ping pong with our Sales Support Director, or take first prize for your entry in the Girl Scout Cookie Bakeoff, we are focused on ensuring that you see your position at SirsiDynix as a fun opportunity—not just a job.

Benefits, and then some

We offer health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as a Health Savings Account (HSA) with generous company contributions. We provide company-paid short-term and long-term disability, group life insurance, and offer a 401K plan with company matching. Tuition reimbursement is available for programs or coursework relating to our business needs and we also offer assistance for those seeking to adopt a child. Other benefits include supplementary life insurance, Aflac insurance, and our Employee Assistance Program. Most benefits start from the first day of employment.


Build your career...

We create a fun work environment through contests, games, and company parties, but we’re serious about helping you build the career you want. Most of our tremendously talented employees started as entry-level hires, and many of our employees have grown into new and exciting roles at SirsiDynix. We believe people should have opportunities to grow and advance based on their dedication and hard work, not their years on the job. We promote from within whenever possible. Additionally, we are constantly seeking ways to prepare employees to take the next step in their careers.

Through mentorship programs, internal training and educational opportunities, and tuition-assisted college studies, our employees continuously sharpen their skills and increase their knowledge.

...but still be you

Your job title may be Software Engineer, but your most important role may be mother or father, husband or wife, student or teacher, or something else. As a company, as a leadership team, and as peers, we support each other in living fully. This goes beyond promoting a good work/life balance; it means creating an environment of mutual respect and encouragement.