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99.9% uptime.

SirsiDynix® Cloud is industry-leading for a reason. With 99.9% uptime plus the service of a dedicated team of cloud computing experts, Cloud is the definition of reliability.

Peace of mind.

SirsiDynix® Cloud saves you the time and effort of establishing a proven backup and restore solution that becomes critical in the event of a locally failed hardware or disaster situation.

Hands-free updates.

With SirsiDynix® Cloud, you no longer have to manage time- and resource-intensive system upgrades. Just schedule your upgrade with our team and we'll take it from there.

Environmentally conscious.

Eliminating major onsite hardware requirements, Cloud saves time, money and the environment. No need to dedicate precious space and energy for a server room.

Cloud Service Overview

Save yourself some time and money.

Doing more with less is an ongoing challenge and strain for many libraries, and one that diverts attention away from librarians’ main focus of serving their users. With shrinking resources, reduced staff hours and increasing patron requests to keep up with, crucial innovations required for libraries to stay relevant often get neglected. Resolving these ailments for libraries of all shapes, sizes and needs: SirsiDynix Cloud.

SirsiDynix Cloud is a comprehensive hosting service that provides end-to-end managed care for all types and sizes of libraries. Cloud includes everything you need to provide your users with the latest library services they require, but without the added stress of managing complex technology and equipment on site. As a result, your library gains all the advantages of these technologically advanced tools, but without the day-to-day duties involved in managing them.

Cloud solutions eliminate the need for you to...

  • Replace end-of-life hardware
  • Maintain expensive maintenance contracts
  • Predict and provide capacity planning
  • Upgrade and troubleshoot applications
  • Provide power and cooling for ILS servers, thus making your location more environmentally friendly.

With our complete offering of SirsiDynix Cloud and the services of SirsiDynix certified system administrators, you are freed of these time- and skill-intensive implementation and management tasks, allowing your staff to focus on patron needs and allowing all of you to rest easy at night. All control of your library systems remains with you, as it would if it were hosted onsite; the technology maintenance is just simplified.

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