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Data Services Overview

Clean data makes for the best experience.

At the heart of a library is its information – loads and loads of it, in virtually every shape, size and format. Tasked with the responsibility to not only maintain this abundance of data, but to navigate and organize it for the benefit of the communities they serve, libraries have a big job.

In order to function at its peak, a library needs that data complete and in optimal condition. SirsiDynix Data Services has the tools to help.

SirsiDynix provides a variety of data services for converting, updating and maintaining your institution’s important resources. Our staff members have extensive experience working with a variety of library data formats from an array of libraries and organizations, so you don’t have to go it alone. Regardless of your library type, size or needs, SirsiDynix Data Services is available to assist you with your most valuable resource: information.

SirsiDynix Data Services:

  • Includes a full range of services to cover any data service a library could require
  • Maintains a staff highly experienced in working with a variety of data types
  • Works with proven processes for the successful conversion of your library’s data, regardless of your type or size
  • Provides consultation services based on your unique needs to assure the optimal condition of your vital data
  • Offers SmartSource™, a cost-effective means for accessing high-quality records easily

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