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Service Overview

Education & Training Services

Training is an essential part of success in your library’s technology investment. Library staff in all roles who are confident and comfortable using your SirsiDynix technology will maximize its value and can focus on the important work of serving library users.

No matter what your level of technical knowledge, SirsiDynix Education Services prepares you for success. Our education programs, delivered through our unparalleled learning management system, SirsiDynix Mentor, ensure library staff and management can use your SirsiDynix solutions to provide better service to the public and manage library operations effectively.

Through the SirsiDynix Mentor course catalog, find close to 100 eLearning courses on a variety of products and product updates you can register for and take on your time. If you require interaction with an instructor, there are more than 100 courses on a range of topics and for a varying range of technical aptitudes scheduled. The experienced SirsiDynix Education Services team is also available to provide onsite or online training that is custom to your library or team’s unique goals.

Sample course curriculum includes:

  • Essential SirsiDynix product skills; introductory courses by module, including circulation and cataloging workflows
  • Recent release product update training
  • Multi-day training on reporting functions
  • Training guides and course agendas for all instructor-led classes.

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