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Discovery beyond the physical

Library users get search results beyond just physical materials. Users can discover websites, PDFs, subscription content and much more. It's search the way it was meant to be.

Book club, anyone?

Enterprise's trademark virtual rooms are the perfect venue for showcasing content around bestsellers, blockbusters or community events. Likewise, demographic-specific rooms can engage specific user groups.

Product Overview

The future of discovery, in your library.

Imagine a search that isn’t deterred by misspellings or human error. Where results populate in “rooms” based on content categories or themes. Imagine a search that not only spans the physical library contents, but newswires, databases and multimedia. Where the exact thing you’re searching for is displayed side-by-side with user-generated reviews and external ratings. Imagine a search where you never get a blank screen or dead-end results. And this is just the beginning. With Enterprise 4.3, the already robust Enterprise platform is exploded with visual and contextual appeal. With collapsible and expandable menus for easy visual navigation; drag-and-drop account management and a seamless user experience, your users will have a library experience a sleek as a retail site.

Contact your SirsiDynix representative for a demo of the new SirsiDynix Enterprise 4.3 — now with better relevancy, advanced search options, a sleek new interface and much more!

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