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Product Overview

Getting an e-book shouldn't be so hard.

In 2011, SirsiDynix announced development for SirsiDynix® eResource Central™ (eRC), a next generation electronic resource management solution for libraries. eRC bridges the gap between content providers and users, enabling libraries to manage and deliver eResources seamlessly and cost-effectively. With six content providers and more on the way, eRC is the industry’s leading eResource management tool.

Libraries want to make ebooks, e-journals, digitized collections, and all types of eResources available in a single, seamless, integrated experience for their users. eResource Central makes that a reality.

Simplifying e-book delivery
For library users, eResource Central provides access to all library resources, including ebooks and e-journals, via a single user interface. This simplifies requests, downloads, and matching of compatible e-books and e-reader formats.
Strength in numbers
eResource Central offers economies of scale for customers, taking advantage of SirsiDynix’s cloud environment and expertise to reduce the need to load and index e-resource collections locally while maintaining the library’s ability to present staff and end users with a single discovery interface for all library resources.

Savings for libraries
For libraries, eResource Central enables cost savings and simplifies the process of delivering content of disparate sources and formats to users by managing licensing and access rights; maintaining MARC records and metadata for library e-resources; integrating e-resource usage into circulation reporting; and managing electronic content acquisition and creation.
Stable cloud platform
With more than 750 customers and 1,000 product implementations hosted by SirsiDynix, eResource Central builds on time-tested and proven technology.

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