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27 Mar

11:00am MDT

BLUEcloud Wizard: BLUEcloud Circulation Other BLUEcloud Circulation

26 Apr

14:00pm MDT

Horizon Wizard: Removing the Pre-filled Fine Amounts Horizon Wizard Horizon

24 May

14:00pm MDT

Horizon Wizard: Transit Groups Horizon Wizard Horizon

03 Apr

9:00am MDT

Symphony Wizard: Overview of Types of Symphony Reports Symphony Wizard Symphony

27 Mar

13:00pm MDT

EOS.Web Advanced Circulation Inventory EOS.Web EOS.Web

19 Apr

13:00pm MDT

EOS.Web Advanced Serials Irregular Issues Controls EOS.Web EOS.Web

17 Apr

13:00pm MDT

EOS.Web Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts: OPAC Editor Settings EOS.Web EOS.Web

12 Apr

12:00pm MDT

EOS.Web Virtual User Group Meeting April EOS.Web EOS.Web
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13 Oct 2014 The Future Of Library Software And What To Do About It Library Professional Series
06 Sep 2017 Using Technology to Go Beyond the One-Shot Library Professional Series
23 Aug 2016 Inspired Team: How to create a motivating workplace and engage your employees Library Professional Series
03 Jun 2015 How to Run Your Library Like a Startup Library Professional Series
22 Feb 2017 The Future of Library Space Library Professional Series
09 Mar 2016 Selecting and Implementing an Integrated Library System, Part Two: Achieving a Successful Outcome Library Professional Series
01 Jun 2016 How to Lead Your Library, Part Two: Organizational Politics Library Professional Series
31 Jan 2018 Leading Library Transformation Library Professional Series
23 Aug 2016 Tips & Tricks Special Edition: Google Analytics Tips and Tricks
16 Nov 2016 Marketing on a Shoestring Library Professional Series