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Date Webinar Title Type/Series Product

12 Apr

12:00pm MDT

EOS.Web Virtual User Group Meeting April EOS.Web EOS.Web

17 Apr

13:00pm MDT

EOS.Web Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts: OPAC Editor Settings EOS.Web EOS.Web

19 Apr

13:00pm MDT

EOS.Web Advanced Serials Irregular Issues Controls EOS.Web EOS.Web

24 May

14:00pm MDT

Horizon Wizard: Transit Groups Horizon Wizard Horizon

26 Apr

14:00pm MDT

Horizon Wizard: Removing the Pre-filled Fine Amounts Horizon Wizard Horizon

03 Apr

9:00am MDT

Symphony Wizard: Overview of Types of Symphony Reports Symphony Wizard Symphony

27 Mar

13:00pm MDT

EOS.Web Advanced Circulation Inventory EOS.Web EOS.Web

27 Mar

11:00am MDT

BLUEcloud Wizard: BLUEcloud Circulation Other BLUEcloud Circulation
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Datesort ascending Webinar Title Type/Series Product
13 Mar 2018 Symphony Wizard: MARC Export Utility Symphony Wizard Symphony
13 Mar 2018 Horizon Wizard: Waive the Lost Processing Fee Horizon Wizard Horizon
07 Mar 2018 The Heart of Librarianship: Finding Balance in Challenging Times Library Professional Series
27 Feb 2018 BLUEcloud eRM Overview February Product Overview BLUEcloud eRM
22 Feb 2018 2018-02-22 BLUEcloud Mobile Overview Product Overview BLUEcloud Mobile
21 Feb 2018 Advocacy in Public and Private Institutions Library Professional Series
15 Feb 2018 BLUEcloud Analytics Overview February Product Overview BLUEcloud Analytics
13 Feb 2018 BLUEcloud Wizard: BLUEcloud Cataloging Other BLUEcloud Cataloging
08 Feb 2018 Horizon Wizard: Patron Photos  Horizon Wizard Horizon
06 Feb 2018 Symphony Wizard: Overview of Hold Maps, Hold Groups, and OPAC Hold Range Other