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08 Jun 2016 Tips & Tricks: Introduction to Mentor 2.0 Tips and Tricks
18 Oct 2017 How to Empower Your Patrons with Financial Literacy Programming Power of Libraries Stories
01 Sep 2016 Symphony Ninja Series: Original Cataloging in Symphony Symphony Ninja
15 Jun 2015 How Secure Is Your System? Library Professional Series
28 Feb 2017 Make Your OPAC Pop: Syndetics Unbound Other
14 Oct 2015 New Management Realities for Special Libraries Library Professional Series
12 Nov 2014 10 Must-Have Skills for Today's Library Director Library Professional Series
28 Oct 2015 Linked Data 201: How it Works Linked Data Crash Course
29 Jun 2017 Bring Code Clubs to Your Library with Prenda Product Overview
06 Apr 2016 How to Lead Your Library, Part One: Finances Library Professional Series