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Date Webinar Title Type/Series Product
24 Oct 2017 Symphony Hero: Item Search and Display Symphony Hero Symphony
20 Jul 2017 Symphony Hero: Cash Management Symphony Hero Symphony
19 Oct 2017 BLUEcloud Visibility Overview Product Overview BLUEcloud Visibility
18 Oct 2017 How to Empower Your Patrons with Financial Literacy Programming Power of Libraries Stories
12 Oct 2017 Horizon Hero: Reordering the Request Queue Horizon Hero Horizon
10 Oct 2017 Map Out Your Library with StackMap Product Overview
20 Sep 2017 How to Engage Your Community with Code Clubs Power of Libraries Stories
26 Sep 2017 eResource Central Overview Product Overview eResource Central
19 Sep 2017 Symphony Hero: Symphony Acquisitions Symphony Hero Symphony
14 Sep 2017 Horizon 360: Horizon Reports Horizon 360 Horizon