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Date Webinar Title Type/Series Product
24 Jan 2017 Horizon Hero: Collection Codes and iStats Horizon Hero Horizon
08 Mar 2017 BLUEcloud Circulation Overview Product Overview BLUEcloud Circulation
12 Jan 2017 Horizon 360: Intermediate Cataloging Horizon 360 Horizon
11 Jan 2017 How to Implement Things when People Hate Change Library Professional Series
20 Dec 2016 Horizon Ninja Series: Z39.50 Horizon Ninja Horizon
15 Dec 2016 SirsiDynix Executive Year-End Update Other
14 Dec 2016 Tips & Tricks: Requests in Enterprise in Symphony Tips and Tricks Enterprise
08 Dec 2016 Horizon 360: Beginning Cataloging Horizon 360 Horizon
07 Dec 2016 Ahead of the Curve: A Conversation of Marshall Breeding Library Professional Series
01 Dec 2016 Symphony Ninja Series: Edit Bibliographic Records Globally Symphony Ninja Symphony