Executive News

To our valued customers:

As Heraclitus said ‘The Only Thing Constant Is Change.’ That centuries-old saying is as true today as when it was first uttered. Certainly, our ability to adapt and even thrive in a constantly-changing world is a key to supporting your success. It is in that spirit that I am announcing some important changes for at SirsiDynix.

First, I would like to announce that Berit Nelson has accepted the position of Chief Product Officer at SirsiDynix. This new role will bring significant benefits both our company and you, our customers. Berit’s remarkable breadth and depth of experience in the library industry will enable SirsiDynix to continue to deliver the “Best Library User Experience”. I am grateful that Berit has agreed to take on this role and I’m excited about the positive impact she will have going forward. Thank you Berit!

In addition to this important news, I wanted to let you know that Sheridan Richey, who has served as our CTO for the past several years, has decided to pursue a unique opportunity for career growth outside of our industry. We greatly appreciate the contribution he has made to our company and wish him all the best in his new endeavors. I consider Sheridan a good friend and we part ways with Sheridan on only the best of terms.

To ensure that our development work moves forward unimpeded, Mark Thompson and Jeff Goodwin, each with decades of experience in this industry, will be promoted to VP’s of Development effective immediately. Their capable leadership of the development team will ensure complete continuity so we can continue to hit the milestones and timelines that are so vital to you.

As I’ve said many times, our success as a company is dependent on your success. Every day we are working hard to exceed your expectations.

Best regards,

Bill Davison
CEO SirsiDynix