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Product Overview

A librarian in your pocket.

PocketCirc is a librarian’s dream tool. Perfect for line control on a busy day, or for accessing the system from malls, special events, schools or remote outreach programs, PocketCirc allows librarians to remotely check out materials with this handheld scanning device. If you’re onsite, PocketCirc adds mobility. Off site? No problem. PocketCirc will store your actions and information, then sync with your system once you return to the library.

What's New
Bookmobile support
Easy online or offline access to key circulation and inventory functions brings organization to community outreach programs.
Pickup count simplified
Don't throw out your back loading books back and forth! Tally your circulation with your handy mobile tool right there and reshelve in a snap.

Eliminate lines
Well, maybe you can't eliminate those lines completely, but PocketCirc certainly speeds checking out patrons on a busy day.
Inventory made easy
Whether its daily circulation procedures or a major inventory process, PocketCirc gives staff the mobility they need to work efficiently.

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