SirsiDynix Products

SirsiDynix offers a variety of world class solutions to meet your needs. Whether you're an academic library looking to increase student and faculty engagement or a public library looking to strengthen your status as a community hub, SirsiDynix Library Services Platforms ensure the Best Library User Experience (BLUE) possible for all types of libraries. 

Currently with Horizon or Symphony? Both Horizon and Symphony benefit from the BLUEcloud suite of products. These will be available to you as they are ready for release.

New to SirsiDynix? Here are the products available to you:


A robust, flexible ILS, Symphony gives your staff and community the tools they need to get the most out of their libraries. It is easy to use, too, so your staff can quickly get up to speed and your customers will be able to find what they need. As a mature platform, Symphony is reliable, stable, and secure. 

BLUEcloud Suite

BLUEcloud, our Library Services Platform, represents the next-generation in library software. It is web-based, so you can catalog on your desktop, manage staff on your tablet, and checkout items with your smartphone. This enables you to benefit from a reduced dependence on IT because all you need is a browser to use BLUEcloud LSP. 

BLUEcloud Campus

BLUEcloud Campus is the first LSP focused solely for academic libraries. BLUEcloud Campus combines the best features from EBSCO and SirsiDynix with new tools, such as reports tailored to library accreditation and seamless integration with ILL and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

How can you increase staff efficiency?

As resources become more abundant and varied, it's vital for libraries to be equipped with staff who are equally as varied and abundant in their skills. Fortunately, our products equip your staff with the tools they need to be successful. From increased mobility around your library and community to simplified cataloging and administration, SirsiDynix offers everything you need.


MobileCirc frees you to move around your library and community with streamlined circulation, inventory, and shelving features in a lightweight mobile application. Go anywhere with native Android and iOS MobileCirc apps, or an HTML5 version for laptops.

BLUEcloud Cataloging

Made specifically to help you catalog more with less resources, BLUEcloud Cataloging tools include MARC edits, merges, and original cataloging. BLUEcloud Cataloging is sure to fit your library's budget; its tools are included for free with every SirsiDynix customer's maintenance.

Universal Admin

Easily administer multiple systems, even with limited admin staff, by using Universal Admin. Universal Admin gives you command of all administrative settings for all of your libraries at once, letting you create and enforce policies for every library from one interface. Not a consortium? Use Universal Admin to manage all of your BLUEcloud applications.

API & Web Services

With SirsiDynix API and Web Services, your library gains full access to any and all information held within your system, as well as the ability to extend, manipulate, share, and present that information however you see fit. 

How can you drive up library usage?

Every library shares a common goal of giving their users the Best Library User Experience possilbe. This may mean changing the look and feel of your interface to meet user needs, or bringing your library catalog to your users through social media. Whatever your needs, our products offer intuitive user interfaces, flexible presentation capabilities, on-the-go catalog solutions, and more to amplify your community's library engagement. 


Enterprise highlights the full potential of all your content with a single search that spans your databases, physical catalog, and digital catalog. It gives you accurate, human-friendly results and a customizable look-and-feel that integrates with your website.


When you have the power of Portfolio, digital collections show up alongside all others. Special features including built-in OCR for full-text searching and access control to protect special items or collections make special collections easy to share.

eResource Central

Easily provide the technology and resources your community wants without overburdening your own staff. Place holds on eResources, return them early, and see your eResource holds and checkouts all within Enterprise.

BookMyne allows you to scan the barcode on any book—even from a friend's house or bookstore—so you can check the availability at any participating library. With additional features such as in-demand library information, holdings, and services, BookMyne gives your library users on-the-go library access.

Social Library

Chances are your users, whether they're students or not, are avid Facebook users. So why not put your library's catalog on Facebook, too? Members will be able to see their account, search, and place holds on items right from Facebook itself. Now that's something you can "like."

Deliver all the advantages of BLUEcloud Marketplace to your community with facet-based searching, eResource access, and patron account management. BLUEcloud PAC is for any customer using HIP, e-Library or third-party discovery products. 

How can you demonstrate your library's value?

Creating powerful and interactive reports is an important function for any library. Not only does BLUEcloud Analytics allow you to discover unique ways in which you bring value to your community, it also improves the way your library works. BLUEcloud Analytics contains analysis tools specifically built for libraries and custom report features that give you insight into any future scenario. Your data is valuable; display it with BLUEcloud Analytics. 

BLUEcloud Analytics

BLUEcloud Analytics gives you the tools you need to map the real ways your library brings value to your community. BC Analytics allows you to generate complex analyses in seconds, view all your data in a single web-based interface, streamline your library's processes, and share your successes with customized reports. 

How can you help your community prosper?

Your job is to provide your community with endless resources, including financial training. Community Funded Services will provide you with the programs and products you need to ensure user comfort. By granting communities expanded access to materials, flexible payment options, and other services, Community Funded Services provide users with the convenience they've come to expect. In return, libraries receive funding for ever-expanding library programs and needs.

Library Debit Card

I Love My Library cards allow your library card to double as a prepaid checking card. So, while the card can be used to check out your favorite library books and content, it can also be used to buy any other resources you may need. In return, your library receives a portion of all fees for cards issued and activated through the library. 

Buy It Now

Buy It Now allows patrons to buy books, movies, and more from outside retailers through their library's website. Best of all, a portion of each purchase is put right back into your library. Any purchase made through the service, including furniture, clothing, and more, will add to your library's funds. 

BLUEcloud Commerce

With BLUEcloud Commerce, your library can accept credit and debit card payments online, at the desk, and on the go. No longer do patrons have to pay fines on site; transactions can be processed online through the library's website. Payment options are simplified for patrons while libraries benefit from a small percentage of each patron transaction.