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SirsiDynix Consulting Services gives you expert guidance at the level you choose. Whether you're a seasoned SirsiDynix client wanting to take advantage of new technologies or a site getting ready to go live on a new SirsiDynix system, SirsiDynix Consulting Services is available to help you move ahead. Our consultants and trainers are experts in implementing and using technologies to benefit libraries, their staff, and their users. These professionals, with extensive experience in helping libraries maximize the value of technology investments, will help your institution clear a path to success using powerful new tools.

Software reviews by SirsiDynix consultants provide thorough reviews of libraries' technology environments to identify modifications and enhancements that will increase efficiencies, improve workflows, expand system capabilities, integrate SirsiDynix products with other technologies, and more.

Let our technology experts work with you to maximize the value of all your technologies.

100+ years
Our consultants have over 100 years of experience at SirsiDynix
API Workshop and Certification

API workshops and certification include everything needed to be successful with the SirsiDynix API, including software, training, and custom API programming services.

Consulting Workshops

SirsiDynix offers consulting workshops to assist in everything from customizing your online portal/OPAC to reviewing acquisitions workflow.


The SureStart program is designed for libraries new to the SirsiDynix system, providing you with regularly-scheduled calls and easily-accessible consultants to make your transition smoother.


For libraries who are not new to SirsiDynix but have specific needs, SureSailing connects you with SirsiDynix consultants to evaluate, plan, and execute the more challenging projects you may face. 

Custom Consulting

Custom Consulting provides you with highly-experienced Symphony consultants to manage customizations and listen to your API needs. These consultants will work with you to enable custom reports, database changes, data import and export, and integration between your system and other software applications. 

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