Director's Station


Rich data and analysis for better management decisions.

Taking advantage of the data you already maintain in your SirsiDynix Symphony management system, SirsiDynix Director's Station® will enable you to make informed, data-driven decisions by providing a unique, customized view of your institution's activities and operations. In a colorful and easy-to-read format, you can analyze trends, pinpoint problem areas and identify opportunities. All this powerful knowledge is just a mouse-click away on your Web browser. With unique insights that come from using SirsiDynix Director's Station and its data-mining and OLAP tools, you and your staff will make the most of the data available on your collections, your users, and much more. You will be more effective than ever before in developing strategies for carrying out your institution's mission.

Slice and dice data

Make informed decisions by slicing, dicing, and manipulating data to identify trends and patters - even multithreshold meters.

Reporting in a few clicks

Have a big board meeting coming up? Director's Station easily exports data into visually appealing presentations.

Stats degree not required

Enjoy easy drag-and-drop calculating in this powerful reporting tool. Director's Station lets you do "on the fly" calculations and even create hypothetical-based analyses.

All-in-one dashboard

View management-level data for analysis of every aspect of your institution, collections, and users. Your management dashboard refreshes dynamically to make keeping current a cinch.

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