SirsiDynix Symphony’s guiding philosophy for our suite of patron-facing interfaces is to meet users where they are. In or out of the library, our end user functionality has been designed to have something for everyone. For the mobile, tech-savvy crowd, there’s the SirsiDynix iPhone app; for multi-tasking college students, there’s reply-by-text messaging librarian assistance; and for the more traditional patrons, there’s our user-friendly and powerful discovery portal, eLibrary. Today's library users expect the same speedy and relevant search results, added content and social networking features at the library as they enjoy elsewhere. SirsiDynix Symphony keeps you in the race. Its rich patron interface, e-Library, makes it easy for users to connect with your library. 

For the next level of dynamic discovery, turn to SirsiDynix Enterprise: faceted, federated powerful search.


Online account solutions

Online account solutions empower your patrons, allowing them to manage their library account, pay fines, place holds, order books for delivery, or submit interlibrary loan, purchase or other requests

Patron outreach solutions

Sophisticated patron outreach solutions bring the library to homebound users, nursing homes, bookmobiles or kiosks, including route and delivery schedules, outreach patron history records and offline circulation through PocketCirc.

Expand your reach

Staff and users can expand the library’s reach to other communities through permalinking and bookmarking. Convenient services such as favorites tracking and permanent lists let the library alert users when new materials of interest arrive and permit end users to keep bibliographies of materials that they wish to use in the future.


Flexible circulation and hold policies, with blanket hold capabilities for book clubs, and the ability to create and manage options for user groups such as families or universal borrowers, provide a convenient added perk for patrons.


e-Library is easily searchable, with full-text and unlimited index search.

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