Integrated Library Systems

For over 30 years, the ILS has progressively become the backbone of a library. Over those 30 years, versions of SirsiDynix's Symphony and Horizon platforms have supported hundreds of thousands of libraries. With a thriving, active community and user groups for both platforms, SirsiDynix is proud to continue support and develop both Horizon and Symphony well into the future. 


Horizon provides a stable, proven platform for the BLUEcloud LSP. BLUEcloud augments Horizon's open database, powerful MARC editor, and intuitive merging tools with web-based clients and additional features designed for contemporary libraries. There's no cost of migration, and most BLUEcloud web clients are included in your Horizon maintenance. 


Symphony combines top-notch, stable architecture with next-generation design. Combined with BLUEcloud technology, Symphony gives you the flexibility of web-based interfaces and eResource integration with the security of a proven back end. Additionally, most of the BLUEcloud products are included in your Symphony maintenance.