Legacy Products

SirsiDynix provides a multitude of products to meet your library’s needs. In addition to our BLUEcloud and ILS products, here are a few other solutions we support.

Docutek ERes

Docutek ERes is a powerful and easy-to-use electronic reserves system that integrates directly with your academic library’s online catalog, giving students 24/7 online access to the reserve material they need.

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Voice Automation

SirsiDynix Voice Automation brings your library increased patron support and enhanced communication.

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e-Library gives Symphony users the basic tools they need to find the resources they seek.

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Director’s Station

SirsiDynix Director’s Station enables your library to make informed, data-driven decisions through unique, customized views of your institution’s activities and operations.

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Horizon Information Portal (HIP) is Horizon’s core online catalog, allowing libraries to extend their reach beyond their physical walls.

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SirsiDynix PocketCirc is a convenient, remote circulation tool that allows staff to access your library’s ILS from offsite events, schools, bookmobiles, or other community outreach programs.

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SirsiDynix StaffWeb allows your staff to perform primary circulation, cataloging, and reporting tasks with just a standard web browser and an internet connection.

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The Unicorn ILS paved the way for today’s Symphony ILS. If your library still runs on Unicorn, you can upgrade to Symphony for free and take advantage of numerous new features without losing the ones you’re familiar with.

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Web Reporter

Web Reporter is an easy-to-use reporting tool where staff can run predefined reports.

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