Voice Automation


Automated service is good for everyone.

SirsiDynix Voice Automation helps you serve users better, utilize resources more effectively and include the personal touch in the places it matters most. The SirsiDynix Voice Automation system helps your library by saving time and money, improving communication, and empowering users. 

For incoming calls:

For patrons calling in to the library, SirsiDynix Voice Automation can provide a full range of general and user-specific information, as well as perform user account actions directly. Patrons can be reminded of all the materials they’ve checked out, get a list of overdue materials, update their PIN number, verify any late fees or get updates on books on hold. What’s more, users can renew checked out materials directly – with options to renew by barcode, by list title, or “renew all” – without ever talking to a staff member, and your SirsiDynix ILS records are updated automatically. The library also benefits from the SirsiDynix Voice Automation incoming call management. Libraries can choose to feature a “library bulletin board” to announce upcoming events or holidays, direct library customers to language-specific service, and easily remedy hours of lost time answering common questions like hours of operation or address. Use the automated voice option, or record your own message for a personal touch. Up to 12 lines can be arranged, and your library can define the recorded messages for all call types.

For outgoing calls:

With SirsiDynix Voice Automation, your library retains the same level of control it experiences with paper notifications, but with more options and at a fraction of the monetary and time cost. Notices on late fees, overdue materials, hold items or other programmed updates can all be handled over the phone without any significant requirement on the staff’s time, and without the hassle of physical mailing card notifications and processing. The library can specify local area codes, long-distance calling parameters and special dialing instructions, as well as library-defined messages for all outgoing calls. What’s more, the automated system manages failed calls and alerts for you, defaulting them to e-mail or paper notices, as appropriate. As with other SirsiDynix Voice Automation interactions, the outcome and performed actions are automatically updated in your SirsiDynix ILS for easy tracking and documentation. Both incoming and outgoing calls through SirsiDynix Voice Automation include support for multilingual patrons. With options for voice prompts or automated messages to be delivered in the user's language of choice, SirsiDynix Voice Automation helps your library deliver that extra level of personalized service.

Save money

Reduce postage and paper notification costs. For a typical library, the SirsiDynix Voice Automation system pays for itself within the first six months to a year. 

Improve communication

Phone notification is more convenient for many library users wanting timely, direct communication on a hold item or overdue alert.

Save time

Voice automation reduces staff time spent on phone interactions with tech-savvy users who can handle their own information via the automated system.

Empower users

Give your users the ability to manage account information, check fines or renew materials by phone through an easy, step-by-step process.

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