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St. Charles Public Library: Success Using the Outreach Module
Case Study | 27 November 2018
With such a growing community, the library was in need of a way to reach out to their patrons, get the work done, andstill find time to personally interact with those who come into the library. Previous staff were using manual processes and felt they did not have the time or the resources to devote...

SirsiDynix 2017 Webinars: New Year, New Lineup

Blog| 14 February 2017

In 2016, our digital events team did more than 100 webinars! Our webinars taught you more about your Horizon, Symphony, and BLUEcloud solutions. Guest speakers talked about selecting and implementing an ILS, ethics in librarianship, marketing on...

BLUEcloud Visibility Update Drives Exponential Growth for HALAN Metrics

Blog| 26 January 2017

The Houston Area Library Automated Network, better known as HALAN, is a Texas consortium serving Houston and the East Central region. Back at the beginning of 2016, this eight-library consortium was one of SD’s earliest BLUEcloud Visibility...

SirsiDynix Fast Facts

Blog| 2 December 2016

Question: What’s the deal with the name SirsiDynix?
Answer: It's the result of a merger.

Question: What about the name BLUEcloud?
Answer: BLUE is an acronym. It stands for Best Library User Experience.

Comment: You guys...

Time for a DTR: BLUEcloud Visibility and Libraries Define their Relationship

Blog| 7 November 2016

It’s been almost a year now since BLUEcloud Visibility debuted on the market. There has been much excitement and change. Linked Data and Libraries are the ideal couple. They were made for each other! The past year has clearly been the start of...

Why is Linked Data Like an Aspen Grove?

Blog| 17 October 2016

Two seemingly dissimilar systems that are strikingly similar in how they thrive.

Your Tree
Your library is like a tree. No, we’re not writing bad poetry over at SirsiDynix. Bear with me.

Your library is like a tree. Or...

Expanding Library Capabilities: How Brigham Young University Uses SirsiDynix APIs and Web Services to Support Powerful Custom Applications

Case Study | 8 September 2016

Ranked among the best university libraries in the United States, the Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL) at Brigham Young University houses over 6 million items across 98 miles of shelving. Over 10,000 patrons enter the HBLL each day, from students and...

BLUEcloud Visibility: Creating New Gateways to Library Resources

Case Study | 4 August 2016

Libraries everywhere are excited about the possibilities created by the open web accessibility accomplished through BLUEcloud Visibility. Open web visibility is a revolutionary leap forward in library accessibility. With this leap understandably...

Meet the Team: Christie Kent, Our Newest Addition

Blog| 29 July 2016

We at SirsiDynix are very excited about our newest member of the executive team, Christie Kent. Christie came on board in May and is now acting as our Chief Financial Officer. To celebrate the addition to our team, we want to take this...

Looking to the Future with Jessamine County Public Library: Inventive Applications of New Technology to Expand Services and Create Growth

Case Study | 8 July 2016

Jessamine County Public Library is a proactive library with a visionary staff. The leaders of the library make goals for their organization and have a record of following through to achieve astounding results. In recent years, JCPL wanted to...

Meet Your Team: The SaaS Team

Blog| 27 June 2016
The Right Priorities, Solid Expertise, Strong Communication for Dependable Data Housing

If your library is on SaaS, the mental image that comes to mind when you think about your data, is most likely a picture of cold, hard servers. We’d like to...