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Kenosha Public Library– A Power of Libraries Story
Blog | 21 June 2018
Between Chicago and Milwaukee sits a town named Kenosha, Wisconsin. After an incident in the town left relations between police officers and citizens a bit rocky, youth violence began to spread throughout the local parks. It came to a point where neighborhoods were no longer able to use their...

Common RFP Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Blog| 10 March 2015

The following tips are adapted from the eBook Kickstart Your RFP, written by library consultant Joe Matthews.

To make the transition from an integrated...

6 COSUGI Presentations You Won't Want to Miss

Blog| 5 March 2015

COSUGI is less than a month away. Have you registered yet?

COSUGI is the best way to learn what SirsiDynix is working on and network with other librarians. If you want BLUEcloud updates and fresh ideas for your library, you won’t want to...

Top 5 most unique libraries in the world

Blog| 26 February 2015

Libraries are some of the oldest institutions known to humankind. For thousands of years, people have been bolstering libraries as landmarks that tie many different people together under one common goal: the quest for knowledge.

Aside from...

Libraries Serve as a People's University

Blog| 19 February 2015
Embedding Your Public Library as a Community Anchor, Part 4

Libraries serve a number of demographics, from children and adults to...

Do You Love Your Library?

Blog| 18 February 2015

What do you love about your library? How would you like to thank your library for the programs, services, and memories it has provided you?

Libraries serve thousands of people every day—including you. Have you ever taken a moment to show...

Special Collections Matter

Blog| 11 February 2015
Embedding Your Public Library as a Community Anchor, Part 3

Originally designed to give students a way to perfect their research...

The Library as a Community Center

Blog| 4 February 2015
Embedding Your Public Library as a Community Anchor, Part 2

A public library and its community are interconnected—libraries may very...

Open Information for All

Blog| 28 January 2015
Embedding Your Public Library as a Community Anchor, Part 1

At the center of every community there’s a rooted desire for information...

Finding Success Through Online-First Mentalities

Blog| 23 January 2015

We’ve spent the past two weeks shedding light on an online-first mentality: what does it mean, and where can you start? We’ve discovered creative examples for implementing this mentality in your own library and have briefly touched on the...

The Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Patrons' Privacy

Webinar Recording | 21 January 2015

As technology evolves, more must be done to protect patrons’ data. Join Jason Griffey, library...