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Connections Summit FAQ
Blog | 5 November 2018
You are invited to attend the SirsiDynix Connections Summit! Connections Summit is a free, online conference for you and your staff- even those who are not customers of SirsiDynix. It features hot topics in librarianship, how to overcome issues or concerns that you face, and more! Prepare to learn...

Finding Success Through Online-First Mentalities

Blog| 23 January 2015

We’ve spent the past two weeks shedding light on an online-first mentality: what does it mean, and where can you start? We’ve discovered creative examples for implementing this mentality in your own library and have briefly touched on the...

The Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Patrons' Privacy

Webinar Recording | 21 January 2015

As technology evolves, more must be done to protect patrons’ data. Join Jason Griffey, library...

Martin Luther King, Jr. on Education

Blog| 19 January 2015

In his short essay, “The Purpose of Education,” Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote of the importance of education in our communities, if not for the goal of intelligence than...

An Online-First Mentality: Where to Start

Blog| 14 January 2015

How can having an online presence impact the success of your library? In his most recent webinar, David Lee King uses his...

What Does "Online-First" Mean For Your Library?

Blog| 8 January 2015

There’s no doubt that an online presence is needed in today’s digital world. In the US alone, 87% of the population uses the internet on a regular basis. But how can an...

ICV Partners Acquires SirsiDynix

Blog| 7 January 2015

SirsiDynix has announced that it has been acquired by ICV (Inner City Ventures) Partners, a leading investment firm based in New York that specializes...

Ways for librarians to promote childhood literacy

Blog| 6 January 2015

Learning to read is one of the foundational milestones of any childhood experience. Often, this process begins before a child ever gets their first library card, as many parents read to their children at a young age.

Childhood literacy...

Report: Libraries have a lot to learn from coffee shops

Blog| 2 January 2015

Library services are becoming increasingly sophisticated to keep up with the demands of the Digital Revolution. However, according to the recently released Independent Library Report for England, a publication written by the U.K.'s Department for...

SirsiDynix 2014: A Year in Review

Blog| 31 December 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, there are many accomplishments to be proud of at SirsiDynix, from a growing community of SirsiDynix libraries to new BLUEcloud product releases. One of our main priorities continues to be making our BLUEcloud products...

Today's Library Director, Part 4: Emotional Distancing and Avoiding Burnout

Blog| 29 December 2014

Watch the full webinar from Sarah Houghton here

Over the past few weeks, we’ve  been covering the necessary skills every...