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Atlanta-Fulton Public Library- A Power of Libraries Story
Blog | 22 May 2019
  The Atlanta-Fulton Public library branch serves thousands of people in its community each month. In 2018, Fulton County Public Libraries embarked on a sweeping renovation project. This included closing the Central Branch in downtown Atlanta for 2 years. For some using this branch, it is their...

Meet the Team: Christie Kent, Our Newest Addition

Blog| 29 July 2016

We at SirsiDynix are very excited about our newest member of the executive team, Christie Kent. Christie came on board in May and is now acting as our Chief Financial Officer. To celebrate the addition to our team, we want to take this...

Looking to the Future with Jessamine County Public Library: Inventive Applications of New Technology to Expand Services and Create Growth

Case Study | 8 July 2016

Jessamine County Public Library is a proactive library with a visionary staff. The leaders of the library make goals for their organization and have a record of following through to achieve astounding results. In recent years, JCPL wanted to...

Meet Your Team: The SaaS Team

Blog| 27 June 2016
The Right Priorities, Solid Expertise, Strong Communication for Dependable Data Housing

If your library is on SaaS, the mental image that comes to mind when you think about your data, is most likely a picture of cold, hard servers. We’d like to...

Meet Your Team: Product Development

Blog| 8 June 2016

In our fourth installment of the “Meet Your Team” series we want to take you behind the scenes of Product Development. These are the folks that code, design, and test the fantastic tools that SirsiDynix libraries run on everyday. Our leader of...

Linked Data FAQ

Blog| 26 May 2016

Get the Facts from our in-depth FAQ

BLUEcloud Visibility adoption has increased in momentum lately with more and more libraries moving to make their records visible on the web. SirsiDynix is excited for all the BLUEcloud...

Your COSUGI Compendium: Everything You Need to Know About Indianapolis, part 2 The Dish on Dining

Blog| 9 May 2016

Hopefully, part 1 of the COSUGI Compendium got you giddy for Indy. But wait—there’s more! Be sure to bring your taste for delicious...

Pew Library Survey: Takeaway Points

Blog| 5 May 2016

The results of this year’s Pew Survey are in! It’s great to see that “76% of adults say libraries serve the learning and educational needs of...

Your COSUGI Compendium: Everything You Need to Know About Indianapolis

Blog| 29 April 2016

COSUGI is coming up and we can hardly wait. To help you make the most of your conference, we’ve got your complete guide to COSUGI and downtown Indianapolis. There are tons of things to do in Indianapolis, so we’ve tried to limit our suggestions...

Buckinghamshire New University Offers Enhanced Service Through SirsiDynix Tools

Case Study | 26 April 2016

Bucks New University is based in Buckinghamshire with a satellite library in West London. Since its inception in 1891, Bucks has concentrated on delivering quality education leading to student employability through its career-focused courses. The...

Meet Your Team: SirsiDynix Library Relations

Blog| 18 April 2016

Get to know your Library Relations team! If you’re a SirsiDynix customer, you’re probably familiar with at least one member or our Library Relations team, your very own Library Relations Manager (LRM).  But did you know there are 15 LRMs that...