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IUPUI University Library—A Power of Libraries Story
Blog | 14 May 2018
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) University Library is the heart of their college campus. Students come in each day looking for academic support and resources. While students were being provided for, IUPUI library staff felt as if they could do more. 8 years ago, the...

Your COSUGI Compendium: Everything You Need to Know About Indianapolis

Blog| 29 April 2016

COSUGI is coming up and we can hardly wait. To help you make the most of your conference, we’ve got your complete guide to COSUGI and downtown Indianapolis. There are tons of things to do in Indianapolis, so we’ve tried to limit our suggestions...

Buckinghamshire New University Offers Enhanced Service Through SirsiDynix Tools

Case Study | 26 April 2016

Bucks New University is based in Buckinghamshire with a satellite library in West London. Since its inception in 1891, Bucks has concentrated on delivering quality education leading to student employability through its career-focused courses. The...

Meet Your Team: SirsiDynix Library Relations

Blog| 18 April 2016

Get to know your Library Relations team! If you’re a SirsiDynix customer, you’re probably familiar with at least one member or our Library Relations team, your very own Library Relations Manager (LRM).  But did you know there are 15 LRMs that...

Meet Your Team: SirsiDynix Professional Services

Blog| 18 March 2016

Good people, given tools and respect, will do great things

In the second installment of our Know Your SirsiDynix blog series, we’d like to familiarize you with our Professional Services department. You might...

Meet Your Team: SirsiDynix Support and SaaS

Blog| 10 March 2016

We at SirsiDynix would like to give you the chance to get to know us better. Not everyone gets to go to conferences, interact with different departments, or meet our executives. That’s why we’re kicking off a series of blogs to introduce you to...

BLUEcloud Lists Product Overview

Webinar Recording | 10 March 2016

Join SirsiDynix Product Specialist Carla Clark for this free overview presentation of BLUEcloud Lists. Carla will walk you through the basic ins and outs of BLUEcloud Lists as well as show off a few cool features.

The Librarians' Guide to SirsiDynix 2016 Webinars

Blog| 9 March 2016

We have big plans for webinars this year at SirsiDynix. With six different series coming your way, we wanted to give you a heads up on what you can expect. Some series, like the Library Professional series will be a continuation of our popular...

Selecting and Implementing Your ILS, Part Two: Achieving a Successful Outcome

Webinar Recording | 9 March 2016

In the concluding session of his two-part Selecting and Implementing an ILS webinar series, Jost will focus on how to get what you want out of your purchase of a new integrated library system.

Symphony Ninja Series: Searching Tips in Symphony

Webinar Recording | 4 March 2016

Hone your skills to become a Symphony Ninja! Join Symphony Ninja Master Katie Lusk for this free 15-minute webinar. Master Lusk will instruct you in the agile ways of Symphony so you can efficiently knock-out your workflows.

Horizon Ninja Series: Damaged Books

Webinar Recording | 1 March 2016

Hone your skills to become a Horizon Ninja! Join Horizon Ninja Master Ken Bonney for this free 15-minute webinar. Master Bonney will instruct you in the agile ways of Horizon so you can efficiently knock-out your workflows.