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Relief: Help Libraries Affected by this Season's Hurricanes
Blog | 6 October 2017
Libraries across the South and Caribbean have suffered devastation as a result of the recent hurricanes. Losses vary from flooring and computers to entire story collections. These libraries serve as primary points for people to access the internet to communicate with insurance providers and loved...

Coming to Anaheim ready to share

Blog| 14 June 2012

In just a week many of you and a good chunk of SirsiDynix personnel will be heading out to Anaheim, California for the 2012 ALA Annual Conference [].  We are geared up and so...

We 'Like' Facebook

Blog| 12 June 2012

Like most businesses, we understand how important it is to have a Facebook presence, but as your partners at SirsiDynix, we want to go beyond simply understanding—we want to be actively participating in the Facebook world. Libraries use social...

eResource Central – The Fusion of Efficiency and Convenience

Blog| 11 June 2012

For those of you that think there’s “nothing new under the sun”, SirsiDynix’ newest offering, eResource Central, may make you reconsider!

eResource Central took center stage at the opening session of the COSUGI conference in Orlando this...

Reengineering Engineering

Blog| 8 June 2012

I’m Rob and I’m a sort of professional troublemaker in the Engineering department at SirsiDynix. It’s my job to look for new, different, better, faster ways of developing our products than we currently use and make sure we collect useful...

SirsiDynix communicates with libraries via Twitter

Blog| 22 May 2012

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging application and social network, where users compose “tweets” – posts that are limited to 140 text characters. Twitter is not only a great tool for disseminating information to your followers quickly, but also...

Perl for Beginners

Blog| 15 March 2012

Delivered reports for SirsiDynix Symphony® WorkFlows™ are written in the Perl scripting language. While it is possible to write simple custom reports for WorkFlows after taking the API Suite of classes, it is often necessary to know more about...

Join our API Workshop in New Zealand!

Blog| 14 March 2012

We are excited to announce our first-ever offering of the API Regional Workshop in New Zealand, April 16-19 in Wellington. As part of this API workshop, attendees will:

Learn how to create custom reports that your staff can run from...

Registration open for COSUGI pre-conference training!

Blog| 1 March 2012

Good news for all you ambitious COSUGI User Conference-goers: COSUGI pre-conference courses are now open for registration! To register, log in to the SirsiDynix Mentor learning portal and simply type "COSUGI" in the search box to get all of the...

Customize your own e-Library™ pages

Blog| 28 February 2012

Have you ever looked at an e-Library page file and wondered what this means? <SIRSI_Conditional></SIRSI_Conditional>

Come find out! Decoding common commands for your benefit, SirsiDynix now offers an e-Library Custom Page...

Profiles Profiles

Blog| 21 February 2012

Access to various tabs in the SirsiDynix Support Center (a.k.a. SDSC or Support Center) is controlled by profiles. To change what tabs a Support Center user sees, simply requires changing that user’s profile.

For now, this must be...