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St. Charles Public Library: Success Using the Outreach Module
Case Study | 27 November 2018
With such a growing community, the library was in need of a way to reach out to their patrons, get the work done, andstill find time to personally interact with those who come into the library. Previous staff were using manual processes and felt they did not have the time or the resources to devote...

Case Searching Simplified

Blog| 23 August 2012

After seeing the recent improvements to the SirsiDynix Support Center (SDSC) and our request for more ideas about how to make it even better, Tim took us up on the offer and sent us an email stating, "I'm taking you up on your word about...

Some Things Just Keep Getting Better!

Blog| 21 August 2012

The SirsiDynix Support Center (SDSC) is one of them.

Many of the improvements you see in the SDSC come as results of customer suggestions.

Phone Numbers on Case Display

On August 9, Ginger used the SDSC feedback tool to say...

Test Process

Blog| 2 August 2012

Right now, we’re in the middle of beta testing some of our new products, and it’s a little nerve-wracking for us to show off what we’ve done to people outside the company for the first time. We’re currently testing Symphony 3.4.1 Service Pack 2,...

Promoting your library

Blog| 26 July 2012

In a recent Pew survey of 3000 adults, over 62% of those surveyed didn’t know whether or not their local library offered e-books! Libraries face an ever-increasing challenge of making the public aware of the incredible breadth of materials,...

RDA in harmony with Symphony and is looming on the Horizon

Blog| 23 July 2012

 is the next big thing in the library arena since AACR2, Format Integration, OpenURL, Federated Searching, and Discovery frontends.  FRBR is actually part of that Fab Five but has always taken a back row seat until RDA came about and is now being...

How likely are you to recommend SirsiDynix to a colleague?

Blog| 20 July 2012

That is the question on the recently launched SirsiDynix Satisfaction survey being e-mailed to Library Directors beginning this month. It’s just one question, but your answer to that one question is a good measure of how well SirsiDynix is...

R-Squared conference: Taking smart risks

Blog| 19 July 2012

In February 2011, a group of Colorado library professionals began brainstorming how libraries can avoid extinction, reinvent themselves and strengthen their role as vital parts of their communities. With that, R-Squared – The Risk & Reward...

Coming to Anaheim ready to share

Blog| 14 June 2012

In just a week many of you and a good chunk of SirsiDynix personnel will be heading out to Anaheim, California for the 2012 ALA Annual Conference [].  We are geared up and so...

We 'Like' Facebook

Blog| 12 June 2012

Like most businesses, we understand how important it is to have a Facebook presence, but as your partners at SirsiDynix, we want to go beyond simply understanding—we want to be actively participating in the Facebook world. Libraries use social...

eResource Central – The Fusion of Efficiency and Convenience

Blog| 11 June 2012

For those of you that think there’s “nothing new under the sun”, SirsiDynix’ newest offering, eResource Central, may make you reconsider!

eResource Central took center stage at the opening session of the COSUGI conference in Orlando this...