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Relief: Help Libraries Affected by this Season's Hurricanes
Blog | 6 October 2017
Libraries across the South and Caribbean have suffered devastation as a result of the recent hurricanes. Losses vary from flooring and computers to entire story collections. These libraries serve as primary points for people to access the internet to communicate with insurance providers and loved...

Just text it to me!

Blog| 2 November 2011

Who still uses pen and paper to write down phone numbers, addresses, or reminders?  SMS (text messaging) has changed the way we communicate with each other. It is more convenient and widespread than any other form of quick note-taking,...

An inside look at SirsiDynix Mentor instructional design

Blog| 24 October 2011


For the many of you who have met me over the years as a teacher or during your Mentor setup process, you know that I grew up in a school library, as my mother is a high school librarian. (Yes, she is one of you!) This, in a nutshell,...

Our SirsiDynix values

Blog| 5 October 2011

In our company meeting each month, we recognize a few members of our SirsiDynix team that excel in one of our six core values – integrity, employees, customers, agility, flawless execution and commitment. At our most recent meeting last week, our...

A trajectory of growth and improvement

Blog| 3 October 2011

When I joined SirsiDynix in 2007 it was a very different company than it is today. It was a very good company, but now I wouldn’t hesitate to say it is a great company. We’ve made significant progress and sacrifices together, with the goal of...

Seven Secrets of Successful Support Center Searching

Blog| 30 September 2011

When doing keyword searching in the new SirsiDynix Support Center, here are seven helpful hints to make your searching more effective.

1. Search vs. Find Docs (Documents)– The Search option, even when you select Search All, only...

Customizing e-Library™ for Your Library

Blog| 14 September 2011

Giving your e-Library™ catalog a custom look can happen in two different ways: SirsiDynix can do those customizations for you based on your specifications, or we can teach you how to do those customizations yourself. For the latter option,...

Take a Tour of SirsiDynix Mentor™

Blog| 29 August 2011

Have you heard about SirsiDynix Mentor™ but still haven’t seen it in action?  It’s never too late to learn all about our online learning management system and the many free training opportunities it contains for SirsiDynix customers.


Roadshows, COSA and other news from SirsiDynix APAC

Blog| 25 August 2011

Our roadshows continue around the APAC region. This month SirsiDynix Vice President of Global Sales Brad Whittle joined us and almost 70 of our customers in Melbourne. Brad and Vice President for Global Accounts & Alliances Rick Branham spoke...

SirsiDynix welcomes new vice president of product development

Blog| 16 August 2011


At a time of accelerated development emphasis at SirsiDynix, we’re pleased to introduce Sheridan Richey as our new vice president of product development. Sheridan brings a strong background in agile development leadership, cloud...

Let's talk about RDA

Blog| 28 July 2011


Hi everyone, can we talk about RDA? This new standard has been consuming a good portion of my time over the last couple of years!

Just prior to this year’s ALA Annual Conference, the Library of Congress issued ...