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Relief: Help Libraries Affected by this Season's Hurricanes
Blog | 6 October 2017
Libraries across the South and Caribbean have suffered devastation as a result of the recent hurricanes. Losses vary from flooring and computers to entire story collections. These libraries serve as primary points for people to access the internet to communicate with insurance providers and loved...

Under Construction

Blog| 16 March 2011

Our new building, scheduled for completion in October, has a lot of our people excited for a change in environment and pace. But the pending move is not the only thing changing around here...

A Meeting of the Minds

Blog| 11 March 2011

In our meeting with industry analyst Marshall Breeding today, he told us to take his perspective with a grain of salt. But you wouldn't have known it had you seen the enthusiastic note-taking of our SirsiDynix team in the room. With 22 SirsiDynix...

SirsiDynix 2010: A Year in Review

Blog| 2 March 2011

At SirsiDynix, we have raced into 2011 in full stride. We have some exciting developments in progress this year that advance libraries and their communities. But as a recap, let me share some 2010 highlights with you.

We announced the...

Moving to the Next Level

Blog| 15 December 2010

Year-end always brings reflections on the past year and plans for the future.  At SirsiDynix we’ve certainly accomplished a lot in 2010. We established the SirsiDynix Technology Center consolidating 24-hour worldwide support and development ...

Does your user interface have a future?

Blog| 4 August 2010

The most important enticement to use a library user interface is the promise of interesting content. Users will come if they find collections, information and entertainment they can't get elsewhere. They will come for "what" they find there....

What is a book?

Blog| 29 July 2010

I had a bit of interesting feedback on a blog post from last week. I said, "The days when people look to the things on the shelves to give them information are numbered." Someone responded, "They're called 'books', Jared." In other words, as I...

What have you got that the search engines don't?

Blog| 22 July 2010

I hear talk in the library world about bringing users back to the library as a starting place for reference and research. This reflects a wish, it seems, that with the right library system, users will abandon the search engines and flock back...

A Reputation of Service

Blog| 17 May 2010

Over the course of my career, there have always been elements of service involved in whatever work I was involved in. In the early part of my career it came in the form of serving library patrons in a public library setting.  That service...

New initiatives to benefit every SirsiDynix library

Blog| 12 May 2010

Several years ago at SirsiDynix, we began the process of assigning a dedicated representative – we call them library relations managers – to each of our customer library accounts to provide these libraries with personalized service for...

New Blood and Horizon

Blog| 4 November 2009

We had a new product manager join my group in October. Nathan Guinn is a veteran of other local technology companies (Word Perfect, Novell, and the embedded open source company Lineo Inc.), but he's new blood to us. Having Nathan on board has...