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IUPUI University Library—A Power of Libraries Story
Blog | 14 May 2018
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) University Library is the heart of their college campus. Students come in each day looking for academic support and resources. While students were being provided for, IUPUI library staff felt as if they could do more. 8 years ago, the...

A Reputation of Service

Blog| 17 May 2010

Over the course of my career, there have always been elements of service involved in whatever work I was involved in. In the early part of my career it came in the form of serving library patrons in a public library setting.  That service...

New initiatives to benefit every SirsiDynix library

Blog| 12 May 2010

Several years ago at SirsiDynix, we began the process of assigning a dedicated representative – we call them library relations managers – to each of our customer library accounts to provide these libraries with personalized service for...

New Blood and Horizon

Blog| 4 November 2009

We had a new product manager join my group in October. Nathan Guinn is a veteran of other local technology companies (Word Perfect, Novell, and the embedded open source company Lineo Inc.), but he's new blood to us. Having Nathan on board has...

Introduction to Hands-on Learning

Blog| 12 October 2009

If you were to ask 100 people what the best way is to learn something new, a common theme you would hear among their answers would be to have an opportunity to try it out for themselves—a hands-on learning experience. There’s just something about...

Community Content

Blog| 23 September 2009

Being lovers, my wife and I spent some time in August wandering through Virginia (Williamsburg, Monticello, Shenandoah, Tangier Island...). Turns out, Bing and Google both produce very helpful results when you search for, say, “hotels near...

Blended Learning

Blog| 15 September 2009

What makes a great Chicago Style Pizza? Is it the sauce, the crust, how about mounds of mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, or green peppers? I personally love all of those parts, but as Remy, the chef/rat for “Ratatouille” shows, it’s when they all...

Collection Development 'Druthers'

Blog| 2 September 2009

Several people I’ve talked to lately wish they could do collection development with information they can’t easily get right now.

Here’s a sampling from the “wish I had” list:

Listings of the most highly reviewed or recommended...

Got Users?

Blog| 13 August 2009

My colleague Jim Wilson enjoyed visits with several customers on the U.S. West Coast this week. Jim’s conversations with customers always reveal “how I done it good at my place” and “if only I could do a little more” topics. This week’s visits...

The World Is Getting Smaller

Blog| 9 August 2009

At SirsiDynix we have a global power base of knowledge with offices all over the world. Each office is staffed with employees able to bring a global perspective to your training experience. We are now pooling that global knowledge to provide the...

A Question about Cataloging and Local Control

Blog| 7 August 2009

This month marks my fourth year making software for libraries. I readily admit to being something of a novice in the library space. I offer that disclaimer to blunt any suspicion of ill intent behind an informal one-question survey I’m taking:...