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St. Pete Beach Public Library- A Power of Libraries Story
Blog | 8 April 2019
  St. Pete Beach, Florida is home to the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum. This Museum has historical artifacts that date back to before St. Pete Beach was an established city. The museum is located near the Gulf of Mexico which leaves the materials vulnerable to the threat of hurricanes and other...

Cloud Computing

Blog| 30 June 2009

Cloud Computing. Now there’s a buzzword with a happy ring. It sounds like computing above the work-a-day fray. It conjures up visions of flight—it sounds light and...

Regional User’s Meeting

Blog| 28 June 2009

Have you attended a SirsiDynix user’s group meeting in the past? Are you aware of the annual conference and that there are user’s group meetings held regionally throughout the year? If not, you should.

I just returned from SNRG conference...

Alberta Bound

Blog| 24 June 2009

It was great to get out of the office on some customer visits earlier this month. While a colleague who shall remain nameless elected to explore Alberta via the commercial airlines, another colleague and I have a much better sense of the...

My Friend and Colleague, Jim Michael

Blog| 12 June 2009

Last weekend we in the St. Louis office of SirsiDynix were saddened to learn of the death of Jim Michael. Many of the former DRA Classic customers will remember that Jim was one of the founding partners of DRA. Jim was the librarian in the group...

SaaS Ensures a Healthy Outlook for Your Library

Blog| 11 June 2009

Recently, I strained my back and had to undergo a procedure to repair a herniated disk. During the recovery, I realized how difficult it is to perform at a basic physical level when part of my body is not operating at full capacity. With each new...

Open Incentives

Blog| 22 May 2009

When I was writing code for a living, I loved working with open source products. I loved being able to download a tool and get it running without having to lobby for a purchase order. I loved the fact that when I encountered an error using one of...

Trainer's Digest

Blog| 21 May 2009

Seeing how this is my first attempt to blog, I feel a little like Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame. As he often begins, “Have you ever wondered why...” Yes I have wondered why. Why it that people think an on-site trainer is the best means of...

Roadtrip Success: The Roadmap

Blog| 14 May 2009

So. Spring is finally making a convincing appearance around here and the kids are counting down the days until the pool’s open, school’s out, and most exciting, the possibility of a road trip looms. That brings us to a key element in road trip...

The Reference Interview

Blog| 13 May 2009

In my first term of library school, I took a mandatory class entitled "Introduction to Information Services". We spent a great deal of time discussing that familiar and vital topic: The Reference Interview. We learned there was a true craft to...

Save Time and Money-Even Make Money

Blog| 13 May 2009

In these trying economic times we pulled together a list of features in SirsiDynix Symphony software that might be used to save time, save money, and even make money. We couldn't believe what we could come up with in just a few minutes so I'm...