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Relief: Help Libraries Affected by this Season's Hurricanes
Blog | 6 October 2017
Libraries across the South and Caribbean have suffered devastation as a result of the recent hurricanes. Losses vary from flooring and computers to entire story collections. These libraries serve as primary points for people to access the internet to communicate with insurance providers and loved...

How to Create New Revenue Streams for Your Library

Webinar Recording | 7 May 2015

If your library’s budget is cut, you may face shortened hours, fewer children’s programs, outdated equipment, or long holds lists. But there may be another option. Join adult services librarian Ed Rossman to learn alternative ways to generate...

Obama outlines two initiatives for America's libraries

Blog| 5 May 2015

With another election year around the corner, President Barack Obama has devoted more of his time towards fulfilling important educational initiatives. Not surprisingly, libraries have been at the center of these goals.

Obama outlines...

Overcoming Your Library's Marketing Hurdles

Blog| 29 April 2015

Many librarians may think library marketing is an oxymoron. After all, marketing is about selling a product, right? A library’s resources are free to the community it serves—how can marketing make a difference in an institution that...

Session #2: How to Use Horizon ILLs

Webinar Recording | 27 April 2015

Watch this free, 20-minute webinar with Horizon guide Ken Bonney and discover how you can become a Certified Horizon Explorer!

Marketing Your Library

Webinar Recording | 24 April 2015

Your library has plenty to offer your community. But how many of your users know that? To communicate this value, you need to market your library.

In this webinar, you’ll learn from two librarians who increased their library’s presence...

The Debate Over 24-Hour Libraries

Blog| 23 April 2015

In the age of the Internet and constant connectivity, it may seem like people can work from anywhere. However, there is something to be said about having a place to go where patrons can get work done outside of the typical 9-to-5 schedule.


Why We Decided BLUEcloud Acquisitions Should Be 100% Cloud-Based

Blog| 21 April 2015

Every industry blog and conference speaker has said it: the library industry is changing.

Content is becoming increasingly digital, and people are consuming it through various types of devices, including mobile. As a result, more vendors...

Executive Chat: Community Funded Services

Webinar Recording | 20 April 2015

The Deeper Reason That a Google Search Can't Compete with a Library

Blog| 17 April 2015

Google is in the news yet again. After several years of trying to reach a settlement, Google is facing formal charges from the European Union. The allegations? That Google is misusing its power by...

Beyond the Hunger Games: 4 Ways to Expand Your YA Collection

Blog| 16 April 2015

Welcome to Thursday of National Library Week, which is also Celebrate Teen Literature Day. As the ALA states on the National Library Week page, “young adult...