RFID Systems

Save money on a new RFID system tailored to your library’s needs.

SirsiDynix is proud to partner with Bibliotheca as we meet the RFID needs of libraries and their communities together.

Bibliotheca is the largest company dedicated to the development, deployment, and support of RFID, EM/RFID hybrid, and barcode-based solutions to libraries.

When you purchase Bibliotheca’s RFID solution through SirsiDynix, you’ll get:

  • An exclusive discount on your new RFID package
  • Free SirsiDynix SIP2 licenses for your RFID solution, as well as no charge for the SIP2 configuration
  • Dedicated project managers from SirsiDynix and Bibliotheca to ensure a smooth installation of your new RFID solution
  • Streamlined invoicing and payments, with RFID annual maintenance included in your SirsiDynix maintenance plan

In addition to Bibliotheca solutions, SirsiDynix products are compatible with other RFID systems through a SIP2 connection.

Want to learn more? SirsiDynix customers can request a free RFID evaluation so they can make the right decision for their library.