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Shanghai Pudong Library


The Shanghai Pudong Library is pleased to offer their patrons a beautiful new library, located in the Special Economic Zone, (Pudong District) in Shanghai, China. The new facility, opened since 2010, is comprised of eight floors, has 3,000 seats available, and receives over 6,000 daily visitors. The library boasts an open, airy feel where members of the community can sit freely and enjoy its collection of nearly 3 million items.

The expansive Pudong library has catalogue retrieval terminals, electronic reading equipment, self-service systems, copy machines, information desks, and barrier-free facilities on the different floors to provide readers with convenient “one-stop” services wherever they may be in the building. The Pudong Library now has wired and wireless information networks that cover all areas of the library, making access to the web easier for all of their patrons. The library has also installed RFID technology in all of its books, providing convenience for the patrons and security for the library.

In addition to the vast resources available, the library offers rooms to meet all the needs of their patrons and the Chinese community. The Pudong Library contains a research room, discussion room, activities room, exhibition room, training room, and a lecture hall. All these various rooms meet the demands of special research, group communication, high level academic activities, cultural exchange, and lifelong learning.

In 2010, the Pudong Library was awarded the Ulverscroft Foundation/ IFLA LPD Section “Best Practice Award” for their work with the visually impaired. Over the past ten years, the Pudong Library has offered computer courses to visually impaired patrons to help them learn computer skills as well as enhance their literacy.  Nearly 1000 students have successfully completed this course, and the Pudong Library continues to strive to empower and fulfill the needs of all their patrons.  This is a remarkable provision the Shanghai Pudong Library is providing to the community and we at SirsiDynix are thrilled to work with such an incredible library!

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