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Solutions for Consortia

One of our most valued features at SirsiDynix is our best-in-industry accountability control. Consortia turn to SirsiDynix for the industry’s most advanced technology-sharing solutions, all of which are completely customizable based on the specific needs of the libraries you serve.

With SirsiDynix accountability technology, access privileges can be maintained completely separately, so as to prevent duplication, accidental deletion of records or confusion; or shared, to allow free exchange of resources and information among member libraries.

Beyond accountability, SirsiDynix is a technology partner with the comprehensive solutions consortia require. Every library’s needs are different, and, thus, so are their service models. SirsiDynix understands this. That’s why we’ve created a solution that can seamlessly support multiple models simultaneously. From funds and fees to acquisitions, SirsiDynix open architecture enables a made-to-order experience for everyone.

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