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For Higher Education

Your students are Internet-savvy users who expect instant access to information 24 hours a day from wherever they may be. Digital content is not a novelty, but the norm, and expectations are growing every day regarding access to information.

You and your staff have also raised expectations regarding technology for the library. Information management systems must allow you to provide the access and services your students demand and, at the same time, improve staff efficiency. Today more than ever, library technology must be leading-edge technology.

We live in a digital world filled with students who expect to be attending digital academic institutions. Access to your library could be through the doors from the courtyard or from a laptop in the coffee shop. SirsiDynix is excited to be partnered with academic libraries to embrace the challenges of educating in the digital age.

The 21st-century academic campus is quite a dynamic place. Students. Faculty. Researchers from around the world. They're all demanding more and more from the libraries that play an indispensable role in the collection, management, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. That means these key constituencies are expecting their libraries to provide tremendous expertise, access, and services – at the same time that academic libraries are...

  • Facing budget woes and declining professional ranks
  • Defining the library's role in the "academic enterprise"
  • Determining how to manage e-resources more effectively
  • Functioning as a leader in the changing world of scholarly communication.

At SirsiDynix, we're focused on supporting academic libraries in addressing issues that cut to the heart of their mission and role. With 25 years of experience that comes from working with a range of college and university libraries, as well as academic consortia, we deliver a comprehensive suite of software and services that enable academic and research libraries to strengthen their role as information technology and knowledge management leaders.

In addition to providing students and researchers with easy electronic access to knowledge and resources on campus and throughout the world, SirsiDynix equips library staff with fully integrated software suites for circulation services, technical services, and digital collection management.

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